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Who are the best male strippers in UK?

The best male strippers are not only tall, good looking and have six packs as a prerequisite but are coquettish, socially aware and respectful. The best male strippers understand the spectrum of attitudes, cultures and expectations at shows and know how to read an audience to pitch their performance 'just right' so everyone enjoys themself. The best male strippers can be ranked, rated and reviewed on various factors such as dancing aptitude, looks, body and entertainment value.

The best male stripper's understand that female audiences love a delicate balance of humour, surprise, mystery and fantasy elements rather than nudity per-se.

The best male strippers are well prepared professionals with their own playlist of songs and sound system for each strip routine. That playlist is often reflective of the mood of the party, whether it be a young vibrant hen party or mixed older audience for a mature birthday. They are also fully equipped with an assortment of costumes in their wardrobe from police, fireman and naval officer... and bring props for various themes in shows. Everything from blindfolds, fake handcuffs to dildos.

Our stripagram agency only work with seasoned professionals in the stripping industry that know how to dance, entertain and work all audiences and occasions. The best male strippers are routinely booked up on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Fabio in Birmingham, West Midlands is one of the top male strippers for raw dancing talent. Fabio was selected and made it to the final stages of Magic Mike Live in London auditions. He incorporates latin and break dancing into his dance routine with the ability to seduce the audience with his chiselled good looks.

Sir Dance-a-lot is an old school break dancer that transitioned into the world of stripping, his performance wows large crowds in London, typically seen at London hen parties and ladies nights . He is one of the best black male strippers in London.

Aidan is a classic hunky black male stripper, the type of guy you would usually see on the catwalk. His male model good looks and outstanding tall, muscular physique win female crowds immediately. He is also a trained dancer with a passion for popping and locking dance style.

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