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Fabio - West Midlands
Tony - London
Max - Manchester, Liverpool
Javier- London, Essex, Kent
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Anthony - South East London
Hot Rod - South East
Armani - Greater London
Danny - London, Essex
Chris K
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Aiden - London


Sergeant x
Sugar Ray - Bristol, Bath, Cardiff, Gloucester

Scott - Glasgow, Edinburgh

Mik - Kent
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Karl - Kent

Cal - South East



Male Strippers in London


New Themes
James Bond

Bottomless Butler
Soapy Wash

Naked Chef
& more...



Male Stripper Performances
& the benefits of a Strippergram

Customize the length of the performance from shorter strip acts to longer multi-segment strip shows.

Have input on the choreography or collaborate with the performer to create a customized routine to suit the energy, mood and demographic of your party.

Specify the desired level of interaction between the performer and the audience from minimal to highly engaging.

Request audience participation such as inviting specific guests to join in with the performer or engage in interactive party games.

Choose specific songs or playlists that the performer will dance and choreograph to during the performance.

Request quirky props for the performer to use during the performance for example fancy dress costume accessories themed with your party. No matter how wild.

Have more than one performer to create a duo or group performance for bigger parties.

Specify the mood or atmosphere of the performance such as sensual, comedic or high-energy.

Create a personalized script, shout-out or acknowledgement for the stripper to announce to specific guests.

Request specific dance styles like contemporary, hip-hop or elements of cultural dance.


Male strippers most popular types of shows:

    Private parties: Many male strippers offer private strippergram shows for house parties and special occasions, where they can perform short personalized routines or freestyle for guests in a more intimate, relaxed and private setting.

Choreographed performances: These shows feature male strippers performing pre-rehearsed short routines typically for the stage of large clubs and public venues in cities like central London. Ladies nights are popular for this.

Kissagrams: A smart hunky guy can attend a party or deliver a birthday message, card present or flowers with a kiss on the cheek and a hug to make someone feel special on their birthday. A novel birthday gift idea with minimal stripping required, the novelty of a hot guy showing up is the focus of this service.

Male revue shows: Male revue shows are large-scale performances that feature a full cast of male strippers performing together. These shows are often more theatrical in nature with several different themes and costumes in one fully choreographed show using special effects/ props.

Butler strip show: A buff butler can include a full strip routine in part of his hourly butlering service. This is popular for large hen parties.

Life drawing classes: This type of show is a unique twist on traditional male stripping, where attendees can slowly enjoy a drink for a hour or more while drawing a male model stripper who will perform a short striptease at the beginning or end of the class.

Male strippers offer a variety of shows to suit all audiences.


Make your friend's laugh!

Get inspired for party ideas

Choose male stripper theme

Compare male stripper hire prices

Browse male stripper packages and popular locations

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Double Act Shows

Group routines (more than two guys)

Funny male stripper ideas

Role-play Ideas for Parties

Male Stripper Butler Party Games

Personalized male stripper hire surprises,
party male strippers, surprise party entrances, unlimited themes
and witty scripts to make friends laugh and feel special.

Male stripper hire with uniforms to perform an exhilarating choreographed dance routine as the centrepiece for all parties, celebrations and audiences. Bookings for private parties, hen nights, birthdays, girl's night in, leaving parties, Ann Summers, baby showers, divorcee celebration, LGBT/ gay events and local charities... All our male strippers for hire are good looking, professionally trained dancers with provocative choreographed routines and a selection of uniforms and props.

Our male strippers are skilled at reading their audience to put on a respectful performance, suitable for the mood and theme of the occasion with style, tease, seduction, amusement and sensuality. Our guys know how to adapt styles suitable for a range of tastes, from the classy n' sedate to the more excitable, adventurous hen party that demand the 'full strip' experience. Some of our guys even qualified into the Magic Mike Live London strip shows.

unlimited male strippers

Male Strippers
For Private Party Hire
Any time, Any place...Or Online

Whether it's personalized male strippers matching your hen party theme (or cancelled hen party!) or an original theme that fits in to an idea you had for a fun surprise on a special occasion. From endearing characters, to hero and icon male strippers with fun energetic storylines to emerse you fully into the male stripper hire experience for parties. From fresh-faced twenty something strippers with beaming smiles to rugged thirty something's fit for a Magic Mike sequel. The diversity of guys make choosing such an engrossing activity. One characteristic they all have in common is intelligence and bold confidence entertaining diverse crowds.

Spotify do limitless music, Netflix do unlimited movies, so how about unlimited male stripper hire customization from Stripper.co.uk

Get inspired. Choose from hundreds of costumes, uniforms, scripts and props to capture the imagination of your adult audience at a private party. For a limited period we are offering parties held near major cities a chance to choose any male stripper's theme. Alternatively if it's a virtual stripper experience, parties from anywhere, in any time zone can enjoy limitless choice.

Unlimited Themes
Original & Quirky Male Stripper Ideas/ Themes/ Costumes/ Fantasies Welcome.
Limitless Male Strip Shows 'Pitched Just Right'

We have a wide variety of professionally choreographed routines, show ideas and limitless costumes with special booking requests for unique shows appropriate for the theme of your party. Policeman strippers being popular for party humour and impact. The male stripper can embody any character and take requests for specific scenarios and fantasies including:

Amusing role-plays by professional male strippers:

Policeman arrest
Fireman rescue
Officer and gentleman/ naval officer
Diet coke break
Buff Butler / Unsuspecting Waiter
Fifty Shades of Grey
Hotel Manager/ Airbnb landlord
Delivery driver
Harry Potter with big wand
British Queen's Guard
Fashionista/ coloured suits

Magic Mike
Peaky Blinders tweed
Soapy wash
Construction Worker
Military Captain
Pizza delivery man
Groom parody/ impersonation
Face mask of hen's husband
James Bond 007/ Tuxedo

The dance style is tasteful and seductive undressing to a medley of music and personalized playlists. In a striptease act the male stripper acts out different elements which can be personalized such as: dancing, tease, humour, party games or lapdance depending on your criteria's, the type of audience and victim. Either leading up to a partial strip, down to g-string or full monty. Male strip shows vary in length depending on the theme, performer and audience. Photographs with the party group or victims may be taken after for fun memories. After performing our male strippers are available to come around the audience for photos or extra dances if requested. The striptease can be tailored into a surprise role-play at the start if requested. Popular themes include a policeman stripper faking an arrest, fireman rescue or club manager asking to turn the noise down.


15 Shades of Male Strippers
& Theme Archetypes

Get Inspired. Reimagine Any Strip Show Theme.

A master palette of 15 archetypal male stripper characters below which may help inspire you to think up costume, uniform and script ideas for your performer.

Tarzan, fireman, military rescue etc..

Fifty Shades of Grey, James Bond, butler, waiter, manager, unsuspecting executive, room service etc
Doctor, dentist, nurse, vet etc...

Movie Icons
Magic Mike, Harry Potter, Top Gun, Sin City etc
Period Stars
Peaky Blinders 20's, 60's, 80's etc..
Regular/ Relatable Guys Diet coke break, boy next door, workman, tradesman, plumber (replete with comical stripper innuendos for added party laughter).

Original male stripper cliche/ classic favourites, fireman, policeman

Quintessentially British
Royal Queens Guard, British flags, British military...and polished accents

Male models, Instagram models, self styled hunks

Policeman, fireman...

Fitness model/ instructor, gym enthusiast, team player, athlete

Foreign Culture
Spanish Matador, American cop. For Latin fans

Sin City, Cowboy

Elvis. Perfect for mature birthdays
Special Requests
From wild to tame, let your mischievous imagination run wild for any special strip show requests...

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Who's Responsibility is it to Book a Male Stripper?

The best friend, maid of honour, mother of the bride, bridesmaid, group ringleader, practical joker or rebellious lieutenant friend all have a duty to adhere to British hen party tradition by booking a male stripper. For birthday's it's often the friend, sister or brother who cares enough to make the victim feel extra special or 'cheer her up' during tough times. Magic Mike lover's having a ladies night or 'girl's night in' are also partial to booking a male stripper. Be remembered as the one who livened up a boring party into an extravaganza! Imagine a gorgeous guy rocking up in a smart uniform that knows how to move like Magic Mike to her favourite songs... All her worries will be left behind.

Top Reasons to Hire a Male Stripper...

Outcall male stripagram private hire is an alternative to London theatre performances. Forbidden Knights, Adonis Cabaret and Magic Mike Live are also great alternatives for girls night's out. Hiring a male stripper to come to your venue gives you the freedom to be flexible on your night out with no constraints. The benefits are you can be as drunk and rowdy as you like in your own house. No queuing, no dress code and no prying eye's of onlookers. You make the rules. You save money on drinks and taxi's. Male stripagrams are personalized to the lucky victim/ audience's taste. There's less travelling and more action, with interaction and pictures after the show.

From birthday girl celebrations to cheering up terminally ill patients in hospitals, male strippers needn't just be hired as the centrepiece for a ladies' hen party... Male strippers create an entertaining, humorous and enticing atmosphere for the whole party, where everyone is left with a lingering smile for the following days. The stripper's routine is tastefully choreographed to make everyone laugh and spend an unforgettable evening with girlfriends. Sometimes we get unsual requests such for nyotaimori models.

At hen parties 'tradition has it' the bride-to-be gets to enjoy one last moment of transgression before commitment of marriage. The modern male strip or striptease often signifies undressing slowly and seductively to a professionally choreographed dance show in front of the bride-to-be with her enthusiastic girlfriends.

Male strippers are booked as a great way to help bond the group and share happy memories with friends that won't be forgotten! This especially holds true for friends who need cheering up.

Anyone involved with planning a major celebration or wedding will know how stressful it can be. Fun entertainment before the big day can provide an incredible stress relief and help you relax when you need to the most. Male strippers are guaranteed relief from stress, boredom and frustration.

Who is it for?

Bride-to-be's, birthday girl's, best friend's, Sister's, Daughter's, Mother's, people that need cheering up, divorcee's, girlfriend's, prank victims, people with disabilities/ illnesses, retired folks, people with a life long dream to watch a real life Magic Mike... From sedate leaving parties to drunken hen nights. Strippers are most popular with millennials.

Where can male strippers perform? All party venues.

Private addresses, nightclubs, pubs, hotels, restaurants, offices, function rooms, VIP areas, party buses, limousines, village halls, social clubs, Royal British Legions, marquees, yurts, glamping sites and lap dancing clubs, ex services clubs. Our male strippers are familiar perfoming in airbnb's, houses filled with people on hen parties and birthdays and confined spaces in apartments.

Stripper.co.uk. Book a Male Stripper Nationwide.

The original concept of party strippers originated from singing telegrams in 1980 in London which slowly transitioned into topless telegrams as demand grew nationwide from private parties. Eventually full strippergrams with fun themes and costumes ensued. Policeman and fireman being the most popular.

Our male strippers deliver tasteful, choreographed shows for all occasions. Whether it be 18th, 21st 30th, 50th or even 80th celebrations we can suitably tailor a fun choreographed show fit for the right occasion. We remain reliable and professional to make your party a success.

We are credit card PCI compliant.

How and when to hire a male stripper

It's advisable during peak hen party season (May to July) to provide as much notice as possible to guarantee the arrival time you prefer, especially if you need a male stripper on a saturday night or in a rural location. Please make sure there is enough floor space for performers to dance and make available chairs without arm rests. Also if possible a changing room where our strippers can change into their costume / uniform. Our male strippers will always call shortly before arrival so the entrance is smooth and there are no surprises. Once a deposit has been paid, the balance is due in cash to the male stripper on the night unless otherwise agreed in advance. We charge a small booking deposit for security and to secure the time and date.

Hiring a male stripper can add a dash of excitement to special occasions, but it also comes with its unique set of challenges. From professionalism to performance issues, clients often face predicaments that can turn a night of celebration into a logistical headache. There are common pitfalls hiring male strippers. We provide solutions to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all parties.

Balancing Fun and Professionalism

One of the primary concerns when hiring a male stripper is ensuring the professionalism of the performer. Issues like late arrivals, lack of preparation, or even inappropriate behavior during the performance are not uncommon. To avoid these, it’s crucial to select performers from reputable agencies known for their stringent hiring standards and professionalism. These agencies are often prepared with backup options should any unforeseen circumstances arise, providing peace of mind for event organizers.

Engagement and Performance Quality

Another aspect that significantly impacts the success of a stripper’s performance is their ability to engage with the audience. A stripper who merely goes through the motions without connecting with the crowd can dampen the event's energy. Prospective clients should look for performers who are not only skilled dancers but also charismatic entertainers capable of reading and adapting to the room’s vibe. Watching preview shows or videos of their performances can offer insight into their interaction style and energy, helping to match the performer with the audience’s expectations.

Setting Expectations and Boundaries

Discussing expectations beforehand can mitigate issues of inappropriate behavior, which may include unwanted physical contact or offensive comments. A clear, professional agreement outlining what is and isn't acceptable behavior is beneficial. This not only sets clear boundaries but also protects both the performer and the audience, ensuring everyone’s comfort and safety.

Cost Considerations

The cost of hiring a male stripper can vary widely and become a concern, especially when additional fees are tacked on last minute. Transparent communication about all costs involved right from the initial booking can prevent budget overruns. Clients should request a comprehensive quote that includes the performance fee, any travel expenses, and potential additional costs like special requests or extended performance times.

Disappointment in a stripper’s appearance due to outdated or misleading promotional material can be an awkward issue. Clients should insist on up-to-date photos and, if possible, video content to confirm that the performer matches their advertised image. This ensures the stripper aligns with the client's expectations and avoids any surprises on the event day.

Hiring a male stripper involves more than just finding someone to dance—it’s about creating a memorable experience that is both thrilling and tasteful. By prioritizing reputable sources, setting clear expectations, and communicating openly about all aspects of the performance, clients can enjoy the festivity without the fret.

Most popular joint celebrations for male stripper hire

1. The most popular is a hen party birthday - double celebration for two or more friends celebrating a joint special occasion at the same time when everyone can meetup in one place. If everyone contributes it can reduce the cost of party activities including a male stripper by sharing costs amongst more attendees and halves logistics.

2. Two girl double birthday's are the second most popular joint celebration to go all in with a male stripper. Friends with birthdays on nearby dates or sometimes twin sisters, can make their party more memorable when everyone in the group doubles down on the celebration. The probability of wild, outgoing characters being present who would without any hesitation hire strippers also increases with the law of large numbers with two social circles combined!

3. A girl's night in or girly weekend combined with a belated birthday bolt-on is third most celebrated joint occasion for female's seeking male entertainment at home. It's less about one particular girl or 'victim' and more about the female camaraderie with everyone participating 'just because' or 'any excuse'! During the Covid-19 pandemic, girls night's in with housemates or cohabitant family members in self-isolating bubbles are more common.

4. An office party with a colleague birthday often coalesces with a stripper when there's a flamboyant boss or daredevil colleague spoiling the team with a surprise. Often a birthday girl or gay male deserves an extra special birthday surprise during a work function for their hard work.

The best male strippers encompass more than dancing and tight muscles... Their surprise acts are inspired by comedy, drag queens & satire

The best male strippers are masters of improv, comedic roleplay and personalized scripts to put life and soul into a private birthday or hen party before their dance and strip begins. They have a penchant for delivering hilarious one-liners and lyrical joke passages at exactly the most unexpected moments during a celebration to get the most evocative response from eager female and gay audiences.

Influenced by each unique party experience, a male stripper similar to a drag queen or comedian such as Ricky Gervais draws on what gets the best reaction from audiences at previous live shows, then disguards what doesn't. Understanding the audience, the attitudes, the ambience scale and level of sobriety at a party helps tailor what and how stripper dialogues are delivered. Sometimes little said, with most emphasys on dancing and visual comedy or innuendo is the best choice for a male strip show with large noisy audiences or adapted verbatim of a customer's stripper script so it fits neatly into a chaotic party scenario. Some privy jokes provided to the stripper by the hirer may need adapting to be less salacious if the audience or party vibe has been misread or mistimed. The best strippers instinctively read all the social cues.

Quirkier ideas for male strippers at parties

  1. Superhero Show: How about incorporating a superhero theme into your routine? You can dress up as a popular superhero character like Spider-Man or Batman and showcase your super moves.

  2. Barista: As he takes off his apron, he could reveal coffee bean-adorned briefs. He might also make whipped cream patterns on his chest and offer “special coffee” shots to the audience.

  3. Chef: Wearing a chef's hat and coat, the performer can prepare a sensuous dish while stripping, eventually revealing briefs made to look like a chef's apron, complete with utensils.

  4. Sports Star Show: Take inspiration from popular sports stars and create a routine that showcases your athletic prowess. Whether it's basketball, soccer, or boxing, bring the excitement of the game to the stage.

  5. Sci-Fi Extravaganza: Dive into the world of science fiction and create a futuristic and visually stunning routine. Use LED lights, futuristic costumes, and incorporate elements of technology to wow the audience.

  6. Greek God Performance: Embrace the allure of Greek mythology by portraying a Greek god like Zeus or Poseidon. Showcase your sculpted physique and captivate the audience with your god-like presence.

  7. Retro Disco Fever: Take a trip back in time to the disco era and groove to the funky beats. Dress up in retro attire, showcase your disco dance moves, and create a nostalgic and energetic routine.




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