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Gay and Gay Friendly Male Strippers for Men and Gay Parties

Male strippers often get hired to do shows for men at gay birthdays and gay stag parties. Most male strippers in London are happy to perform for all audiences including the LGBT community.

They're not shy, with many gay male strippers or gay-friendly male strippers that are straight performers willing to please any audience. Diversity and inclusion at strip shows adds to the excitement and showmanship. You'll often see very happy gay men rubbing oil on the chest of male strippers at stag parties and milestone birthdays.

Male strippers are well connected to the gay community and often love to perform alongside drag queens on the hen party and ladies night circuit.

Last minute male strippers for gay parties in London

For last minute gay birthday's and gay stag do's, it's often difficult for gay men to find gay male strippers that tick all the boxes for being: good looking, professional, polite and punctual. Especially if it's a last minute stripper for a gay man party or spare of the moment booking at a private residence in the middle of the night.

Many women organize male strippers for their gay / bisexual male best friend or housemate's birthday, or a sister booking on behalf of her gay brother's birthday party is common.

There could even be a brother booking a male stripper as a joke for his lesbian sister and future sister in law. Unexpectedly this often goes down better than the brother anticipates with endless laughter.

Male strippers are often in an environment where both straight men and gay men ogle, especially in public venues full of people cheering. Any stripper dancing is a powerful source of laughter for male onlookers in a party setting. Sometimes enough to turn straight men gay for a minute!

Male strip shows are popular with gay tourists and foreign businessmen, especially when visiting London. Some countries may have zero tolerance for gay male strippers like Russia or Iran! Making it a liberating change to hire risque entertainment like this in London.

There's also the excitement of being in a foreign city like London that piques the interest for exploring local, novel adult entertainment ideas. The form of entertainment male strippers offer for gay audiences is also a more respected and safer alternative to gay male escorts.

Virtual stripping offers another taster performance if the logistics of a real life, in person performance are impractical at a specific time and location for your chosen guy. Online gay strip shows became popular during the COVID pandemic, through all mediums such as WhatsApp Facetime or Zoom.

Exceptionally last minute, late night shows are popular with gay parties at the weekend.

Repeat performances or recommendations also happen after gay audiences get hooked on a particular guy. Since it's also hard to find this type of specialist entertainment there is a limited pool of talent available.

Typical gay club venues near London

gay strip clubsOld Compton Street in Soho is popular with the gay community. London male strippers are booked for both private house parties and themed LGBT nights in local bars and gay clubs near Soho square.

Project club formerly called Kosho club in Romford, Havering towards North East London holds LGBT nights with Drag Queens and male strippers. Flame Bar & Nightclub in Luton also hosts LGBT and ladies nights.

Jacks bar on Upper Street in Islington, London is also a highly rated gay venue for last minute male strip shows.

Gay strip show ideas

Our male strippers deliver high end, choreographed hot strip shows for gay birthday's like 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th or even 80th birthday celebrations. Family siblings often book for their brother or sister. We can tailor a fun costume and choreographed routine fit for a gay birthday or gay stag.

Having a male stripper do a humorous entrance for a lesbian couple hen party or gay couple is a fun prank idea which works well. Or hire a gay policeman stripper with skin tight black leather's with studs to make a flamboyant entrance. Gay black, mixed race male strippers and twinks are popular. Imagine your flamboyant host introducing a new guest to the party called "Willy the Kid"!.

Hiring a male stripper gives you further choice of hot guys across the country and even wider selection of themes such as doctor or a soapy body wash.

Male strippers and gay strippers shine a spotlight on the celebration of gay culture and their gay shows are a great way to spread the word that gay people should be embraced and celebrated. Sam Smith's "I'm Not Here to Make Friends" music video is also an example of how gay culture can be celebrated in a positive and thought provoking light, using daring entertainment.

Stripper.co.uk has the biggest selection of gay male strippers in London, gay men strip shows in london or any kind of gay stripper hire.

We have a wide variety of costumes in the closet and take special requests for costumes appropriate for the theme and size of your LGBT event. Size does not matter.

Stripper also has experience helping with ideas to promote themed LGBTQI nights and nightclub events in London and Birmingham.

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