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Divorce Party Stripper

Is it possible to soothe a broken heart with a male strip show?

Divorce parties are at an all time high. 'Recent divorcee' and break up parties are the ideal way to turn a negative into a positive while adding fresh context to a recently divorced person's life. Bring on the hot male strippers!

Time to enjoy your newfound freedom.

Besides the immediate benefit of cheering up a divorcee with support of groups of friends around, it also puts closure on the subject to move on and enjoy life. The divorcee may have forgotten how much fun there is to be had while single under no constraints of a partner.

Friends who organize divorce and break up parties often try to put emphasis on the humour, brainstorming party ideas to create a light hearted atmosphere similar to hen parties.

Divorce presents in the form of male stripper entertainment are becoming more popular since the advent of Magic Mike live. Friends who attended previous male strip shows may also use a divorce party as another excuse to relive the experience again since groups of female friends gathering together for special occasions tends not to happen very often, or never before. Adult entertainment also helps bond the group together in ways that would not happen if it was just serious adult talk.

"We were just chatting over wine and Wendy said her ex was really boring in bed and never let her have a stripper for her hen party when they got married. After a few more bottles of wine decided we would throw a diverse party and hire a male stripper for her. She always mentioned she had a thing for black guys so we wanted to give  her a big hunky black stripper. It was amazing fun, she got a bit carried away touching his abs and licking whipped cream off his nipples lol. We will keep you in mind if she ever gets remarried." Sue from London

"My friend just got divorced and we wanted to cheer her up and give her confidence a boost." Rachel from Essex

Feasting her eyes on male eye candy that she secretly fantasized about while married may help take her mind off any expensive legal bills and remind her the feeling of being free.

Sometimes female divorcee's find out their other half is throwing a male divorce party of his own which is painful enough and so mirror the idea. In rare occasions mutual divorce parties where both ex's attend the party with mutual friends do actually happen. Think Gwyneth Paltrow's announcement of her 'conscious uncoupling' from Chris Martin of Coldplay where both parties parted amicably.

On the opposite end of divorce parties, sometimes husbands like to go to town on spoiling their other half with male strippers for occasions such as birthdays. On rare occasions future husbands actually take charge of hen party male stripper hire arrangements so he has a grip on what goes on at the hen party for peace of mind.

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