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Funny Male Stripper Ideas

From the Obscure, Wacky & Bizarre for Private Parties

Comedy male strippers offer an insight into the most idiosyncratic stripper hire questions and proposals on the fringes - ranging from innocently obscure to the outright bizarre and wacky to eek out additional laughter for hen parties and birthdays. Behind closed doors at a private house party individuals have more freedom of expression conjuring up wild party ideas they wouldn't otherwise exhibit in the confines and limelight of a public party venue.

Privacy adds another dimension of freedom for house parties to create and explore funny ideas in the land of all things novel and original. Privacy means not worrying about outsiders videoing you enjoying rubbing baby oil over a male stripper's pecs on Tiktok while he's dressed up as Harry Potter.

First adopters of male strippers tend to seduce adventuresome subcultures around London, especially socialite party girls with wide circles of friends who have upcoming birthdays. Party girls in the city regularly on the circuit who have 'seen and done it all' grow tired of the same average house party or club night and crave something different - whether that be crazier, zanier, wilder or wackier to make friends or family laugh with instagram-able memoirs. Alternative motives for comedy strippers include provoking euphoric reactions in the group if existing party plans sound dreary, repetitive, hackneyed or play it safe with a funny angle to disarm a judgemental partner of the bride to be at a hen party.

Some girls hiring male strippers love the process of co-creating elaborate male stripper routines with tactical humour and push the boundaries of what is achievable as far as wacky roleplays, outlier themes and stripper party games that deviate from formulaic strip show routines. Wilder female audiences often want friends to gasp aswell as laugh uncontrollably...

The underlying theme for all below hen party ideas is that they add more surprise elements and diversity to a male strip show for party people with a raunchy sense of humour... Laughter is especially appreciated after lengthy Coronavirus lockdowns...


Wacky party games & activities

According to Rowan Atkinson, any object that behaves in an unexpected way or human that behaves like an object is a sure path to comedy. Body sushi male strippers are no exception to this rule. Nyotaimori adds an entirely new cultural experience to hungry hen parties or birthdays looking to be creative with food and hunky disrobed men as human plates. This may appeal to parties on strict time constraints who do not have time to eat dinner and watch strippers seperately with interludes - instead wish to combine the two synergistically for a win win novel experience. Would the food taste better served on a hunky male model? Laughing while eating has also been credited for promoting longevity if you want to be partying with strippers into your 90's. Phallic food like a bannana with whipped cream for desert can also be served in a theatrical way by a second stripper butler.

The other classic favourite used at birthdays involving food or fake food and strippers is having the stripper burst out of a giant birthday cake unexpectedly. A funny spinoff idea to this can be for a stripper to burst out from a place relevant to their work to make it identifiable to the birthday person - for example having a stripper burst out of an oil drum if it's a city trader birthday who works with commodities. Turning up in the strangest of places is another principle of comedy which aligns perfectly for personalized stripagram surprises.

If food preparation before your stripper arrives is an ordeal - drink is your fallback with a tequila body shot stripper. This is where drinking game rules apply using hen party quiz ideas. If you have ran out of drinks you can always have a male stripper knock on your door in a smart buff butler uniform to serve a silver lid tray unveiling a colossal dildo underneath it. Objects in unexpected places with exaggerated proportions suddenly appearing add yet further layers of humour to the strip show.

With dancing being such a popular group hen party activity and integral to a male strip routine, having your own hot male dance instructor tutor you on new dance moves before he strips can make a night of 'edutainment'! Part of the humour is to feminize any over masculine dance moves. To make the bride or birthday girl feel even more special if she loves the old movie classic 'dirty dancing', your stripper can always lift her up in the air to capture the symbolic lift scene. Hen parties are immortalized from moments like this.


Non traditional comedy male strippers

Roly poly male strippers and dwarf male strippers are typically for hen parties who have already seen traditional male strippers a hundred times before and crave novelty with intense laughter that makes you roll on the floor. Being the wrong size or wrong proportion according to visual comedy principles adds a funny dimension to something - especially a male stripper that has humour inherent already. Handcuffing a tiny dwarf male stripper to the bride to parade her around Shoreditch may be borderline cliche, so why not combine this idea with bursting out of a birthday cake unexpectedly, for a double whammy of novelty?

Salacious stripper scripts read out loud by roly poly male strippers might inject further hysteria into a wild hen party. Daring hens can decide whether additional squirty cream is needed as part of a forfeit from earlier hen party games. Debauched shenanigan matches between friends are a common thread for private hen parties at houses.


Bizarre costume & prop requests

Harry potter is likely the last character you would expect as a male stripper, that is precisely why it's funny, especially with a huge female cult following who grew up with his stories - now in their twenties and thirties. His purity and innocence flies in the face of brazen male stripper stereotypes. Two completely random polarizing ideas can make something funny for a hen party idea with comedic intentions, especially if it's an overstated Harry Potter parody.

Personalized face mask male strippers offer an identifiable angle for humour offering inifinite choices for impersonation and parody - including the bride's husband to be as the stripper's face or her favourite pinup male hunk celebrity. Her future husband's job can be parodied and used as a costume theme.

Objects or things being utterly the wrong size are funny in certain contexts - especially in male strip shows. Take for example a stripper with either a remarkably large or small willy that leaves a female audience awestruck, in stitches or both. The stripper flag as prop is an old favourite to tease the audience before a big reveal, a play on this for extra comedy is using the flag with the addition of a torch to create a glowing silhouette of his asset.


Strange and random times

At 6am in the morning, who would expect a policeman male stripper to casually interrupt a trip to the airport on a party bus? The more unexpected the better for surprise parties, and to some, the more awkward and embarassing the better - so crack of dawn strip shows fulfill that criteria, especially with everyone sober. Enjoying a sibling's awkwardness with inappropriateness would be a classic sisterly or brotherly trait.

If all other party ideas fall by the way side, the emergency last minute male stripper can revive the party atmosphere at the end of the night - even if that means 3am strip shows in London hotels before a hen party weekend ends and it's too late or a last minute birthday gift idea.


Obscure, inappropriate places

Sometimes an inappropriate place aswell as inappropriate time is a good thing from a humour perspective, as comedy unfolds from the shock of a male stripper rocking up unexpectedly, especially with daring risk-averse millenials partying in London where anything goes these days. Whether it be bowling into a London restaurant, London wine bar or London office, a serious context force multiplies the humour of a male strip show in the city if planned well.

With Coronavirus making Zoom live streaming a fallback meeting place, who is going to expect a male stripper to hijack your zoom call while quietly talking with friends from afar or colleagues? If the answer is hardly anyone - that is a good suprise idea for a party who believe no strippers are able to make it due to the pandemic scuppering earlier plans. Most people don't believe Zoom strippers even exist which makes it funnier.

Having a stripper or buff butler hand deliver a willy birthday cake to you is an endearing and comical birthday gift idea especially for mature birthdays in boisterous work places like pubs and London offices.

During the pandemic - humour has been a key coping strategy for many to help retain a healthy outlook and support friends.


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