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Harry Potter male strippers, and the Chamber of Saucy Secrets

There are now Harry Potter male strippers who make their living stripping down and getting naked with magic wand dildos. Wait… what?

What happens when you mix Harry Potter and a male stripper? You get a super weird, spellbinding experience ripe for disrupting a twenty to thirty something girl's party. If you haven’t heard about this epic unconventional combination, hen parties are alarmingly requesting more Harry Potter-themed male strippers as their main source of adult entertainment. Talk about the weirdest combination ever, however weird is sometimes better than dull for rare celebrations. Weird, wonderful and colourful inspires imagination and triggers epic conversations.

We’ve all fantasized about getting trapped in another world where everyone has magical powers. But have you ever wondered what would happen if you meet a sexy wizard? Well your wildest dreams can come true, thanks to Harry Potter male strippers in London offering magic, adventure, suspense and sex appeal in their local adult strip shows.

According to past participants: “We had all just finished watching the final Harry Potter movie together. We thought it would be fun to bring some of Hogwarts story lines to real life… We’ve heard from friends about sexy nurses to Disney princesses as female strippers, but were shocked there’s already a Harry Potter themed male stripper routine complete with wand, cloak, glasses and lightning bolt scar."

Daniel Radcliffe acknowledged his recognition of spoof Harry Potter male strip shows on a magic radio interview which lead us into deeper research. Did you ever have those crazy fantasies in your head about the characters from your favorite book series coming to life? Well, for die-hard Harry Potter fans or Daniel Radcliffe fans, that fantasy has become a reality.

This is not the first time that Harry Potter has been seen shedding his clothes for the sake of entertainment. According to news reports, Warner Bros executives were upset when actor Daniel Radcliffe appeared naked in a play at the peak of Harry Potter popularity. When Daniel Radcliffe appeared nude in the Broadway play Equus in 2007, bang in the middle of his tenure as Harry Potter, it raised eyebrows and buzz across the internet. Social media fuelled a Harry Potter fan subculture.

Adult parties often revolve around timely themes that are relevant to the season or an upcoming holiday, like New Year’s Eve or Halloween. It's a mystery why a kid-friendly concept like Harry Potter and strippers became popular with hen parties, however October is known as the spooky season when parties have a horror, ghostly or gory twist during Halloween. A hunky wizard is not so far apart and associated with magic and mystery, which can be exciting and alluring for young parties.

Are you planning to take things up a notch with your Harry Potter theme party? We can also send you over one of our burly male strippers in the iconic cloak costume of Hogwarts’ favorite potion master – Severus Snape!

No requests are too outrageous or bizarre. Don't forget to tell us what kind of party needs spicing up, so we can customize his performance. He has performed at everything from hen parties to family reunions- there's nothing he won't do!

Whether you are a fan of the books or movies, Harry Potter is an instantly recognizable and likable character that would make a dull hen party hilarious.

Harry potter male strip shows are popular with hen parties, birthdays and leaving parties.













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