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Magic Mike Male Stripper dance routines for private parties

Women at parties are reputed to say there is "nothing sexier than a man who can dance". It's no surprise that 73% of Magic Mike's audience were women - happy to watch Channing Tatum strip in his raunchy choreography.

Channing Tatum credits one of his favourite Magic Mike dance scenes to the 'slow dance'

London survey's demonstrate 80 percent of women aged 18 to 40 think men who can dance well in a relaxed rhythmic way on the dance floor also perform better in bed. Some sexy dance moves male strippers hone in their repertoires do occasionally mimic erotic bedroom activity - tailored to please a transgressive and wild British hen party culture with a voracious appetite. As London strip shows demonstrate, male stripper dance routines can involve varying degrees of physical proximity to build a sensual fantasy. A sequence of dance levels adds texture, suspense and drama to a strip show - from aerial and acrobatics to elaborate lap dances with girls on a chair including floorwork dance routines - as seen in the Magic Mike live London show choreographed by Channing Tatum himself.

Channing Tatum credits one of his favourite Magic Mike dance scenes as the 'slow dance'. Dancing slowed down adds allure and sex appeal to a male strip show. The best male strippers execute a blend of dance moves from different styles, cultures and genres - both fast and slow to add contrast and story to hook the audience attention. Analogous to ballet - slow sensual dance maneuvers aim to create the illusion of fluidity in the body and demand kinaesthetic precision in rhythm.

In one scene choreographed for Magic Mike London, a romantic chairlesque style of dance (with the song Permission by Ro James) makes the dancing 'all about the woman' instead of cliché male stripping leaning on masculine ego. The male dancer romantically connects and seduces the seated girl through his flawlessly executed 'chair dance' routine. This lead up to a striptease is a 360-degree experience for the audience to see from different angles. With capacity often limited in some over crowded London venues, chair dance sequences are ideal for professional male strippers in London parties.

To begin a show, a magic mike male stripper may burst on stage with an impactful, high octane dance break followed by slow sensual teasing - similar to that seen with the Magic Mike live performance on chat show "Ellen". One of the shirtless Magic Mike dancers performs another elaborate chair routine with lap dance on a willing female volunteer, effortlessly performing body rolls/ torso ripples, dolphin dives, 'baby maker' gestures, butt shakes and hip gyrations/ thrusts with spins fused all together. The more risque dry humping dance moves similar to Kama Sutra positions were reserved for the full live theatre show. Sometimes magic mike dance moves are introduced in outcall male strippergram performances when the party's hirer meticulously writes out a show criteria akin to "the dirtier the better".

The Magic Mike dance routines strike a perfect harmony for being classy, seductive, humorous and dynamic. A mesmerized female audience watch in awe with a standing ovation during Magic Mike's surprise Ellen entrance after laughing and cheering throughout the performance. Magic Mike style dancing has stood the test of time with female audiences who hire strippers for parties demanding the Magic Mike experiences for their friends. Often a friend has remarked on their fixation with Channing Tatum, prompting the idea for a Magic Mike male stripper to attend their birthday or hen party.

Magic Mike the movie accurately depicts younger male strippers learning from mature performers - often tutored backstage before or after group performances during dressing-room camaraderie. They also advice each other on everything from costume details, novel accessories to what velcro tear away trousers to wear. Regularly performing together in a melting pot of raw talent, many male strippers learn, challenge and push each other's dance acumen to stand out.

Stripping choreography has advanced a lot since the advent of the movie Full Monty in 1997, even though Full Monty still outranks Magic Mike at the worldwide box office with $261 million compared to Magic Mike's $170.5 million. However, Full Monty's verisimilitude of hard, working class life seemed to offset the absence of dance choreography.

43% of viewers for the original Magic Mike movie were aged over 35 - shedding fresh light for mature audiences into the world of modern male stripping which showcases much more raw and diverse dance/ athletic talent with sexy male model looks. Many women have quipped they crave this type of excitement.

England can be looked upon as one of the most liberal countries in the world when it comes to a sexualized hen party or bachelorette culture, hence why Channing Tatum shipped Magic Mike to London at the 325-seat Hippodrome Casino in Leicester Square, London. Australia and Germany also rank highly for thriving hen party cultures, which is why Magic Mike previously made it's way to Berlin and Sydney - big cities with a breeding ground for fresh male stripping talent.


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