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Male Stripper Butler Party Games

Break the ice with these hen party games with male stripper butler

On a hen night party if you put a group of women in the same room, you are either going to end up with a rousing affair or an event that feels like afternoon tea if there is no male nudity or wild party games involved. So, how do you ensure that guests let their hair down, have a little fun and enjoy the cheeky good time that’s meant to be had during hen night festivities? A male stripper that doubles up as a butler for 1 hour who is equipped with a repertoire of party games can easily assist with hosting and structuring party games after his dance routine at the beginning (or end).

As the organiser of a hen party, it’s your job to break the ice and make certain guests – especially the bride – loosen up and let go of their inhibitions. One of the best ways to make this happen is to engage attendees in a few hen night games with a trained male stripper butler. Whilst you might think you left party games behind as a child, it turns out there is no shortage of games with rules just right for a hen night to remember. The options in hen party games range from mildly saucy to downright blush-inducing racy hosted by your male stripper butler. You may also have outstanding dares from previous games played earlier in the day which need to be executed when your male stripper arrives.

Some of the games that make a splash during hen night celebrations include:

Dare cards – This twist on the slumber party favourite has the bride-to-be and guests answering questions with “truth” cards or acting out dares with the male stripper.

Don't say a word related to a hen party list of banned words. Anyone who accidently mentions a banned word like the 'bride' or 'hen party' must do a dare with the male stripper. Choose obvious hen party words that are used frequently. There could be many reasons why girls in the group have to do a forfeit or cheeky dare including holding a drink in the wrong hand.

My vagina is. This game involves thinking up an adjective word beginning with a letter of the alphabet to describe your vagina in a fun and creative way. Whoever cannot think of a word in time as you work your way around the room has to do a forfeit with male stripper. For example drink a shot out of the stripper butler's bum cheeks. Three of four rounds of this game works well. You can move to the next letter each time it's the stripper's turn or someone can't think up a word!

Plaster game. Blindfold the bride. The hen party group has to put plasters all over the stripper butlers body without the bride seeing. The bride then has to remove all the plasters in an alloted time or she has to do a forfeit with male butler stripper.

Sex position game with a balloon. A nominee or person doing forfeits has to get into a sex position with the balloon between you and the male stripper in order to burst the balloon.

Pin the cucumber on the male stripper. Blindfold the bride, spin her around several times and ask her to pin the cucumber on the most appropriate area.

Never have I ever with a list of dirty statements aimed at being wildly revealing of the group. For example whoever admits to any of the things mentioned, you must take a sip of a drink. For example never have i ever had a threesome. When you have an interesting answer, a story behind it should be encouraged in front of the group.

Guess what's in the bride's handbag is another fun game that can be hosted by your stripper butler.




male stripper party games
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