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Male stripper double acts for diverse audiences

Similar to the final dance scene in Magic Mike XXL, duet male stripper acts are extremely impactful for a party surprise, especially if the birthday girl or bride to be has explicitly asked for, or coyly hinted about a male stripper, or the decision makers enjoy variety with mixed tastes in guys and different talents. A classic strategy that works well for lucky party victims is to set your friend’s expectations low for the party, by explaining you didn't arrange any entertainment or strippers due to unforeseen circumstances such as Covid, then massively exceed her expectations on the day with a surprise double act of two male strippers. Even if the lucky girl who’s party it is suspects there may be one stripper visiting, she will never suspect two guys! Doubling down to give her more of what she craves is guaranteed to get a hysterical reaction.

If the male stripper double act are both dressed sharp in real police uniforms conducting an interrogation at the entrance of a debauched party - similar to the infamous cop scene in Magic Mike, the fact it’s two hunky officers can maximise the drama and believability. Elaborate pranksters who hire strippers are determined to make the entrance as dramatic, embarrassing and surprising as possible to fire up the mood of the party.

If there is a party with a larger audience of around 10+ people this can further justify the idea of a double act male strip show especially if more party attendees coyly hint the show should be aimed for everyone (including them), not just the bride to be or birthday girl. Male stripper double acts can play tag team, focusing on and rotating between the lucky party girl with a choreographed lap dance and interacting with/ teasing any willing audience members.

A mixed duet strip show for inclusivity

If there is a mixed hodgepodge audience of males and females or diverse sexualities – a male stripper - female stripper double act can be extremely effective for inclusivity to widen the appeal for everyone - not just the birthday victim. Young bohemian and open minded audiences in London often find this format appealing with a touch of kinkiness. It also takes the pressure away from the birthday victims if they prefer a joint routine show aimed for everyone. The male and female stripper double act can work dance moves on each other like the 'sexy rain dance' scene in Magic Mike live London, or do solos like a go go dancer/ cage dancer in a nightclub. Modern sten parties and diverse gender/ sexual orientation audiences also find this appealing.

Male stripper double acts for diverse tastes

If the birthday girl has a strict type of guy she likes and the audience have a polar opposite different preference, two male strippers can broaden the appeal for everyone at the party. For example if factions of party organizers cannot decide on a black guy, mixed race or white guy it may be a safe bet to hire one of each ethnicity, if not for the unexpected novelty element. If girls cannot make up their mind which guy is suitable it can be a safe strategy to hedge bets hiring two different guys whether it's one white and one black male stripper. When more people are chipping in to pay who want maximum value for their stripper investment, there are often wider ranging tastes to satisfy.

Perhaps there are two birthday girls or a bride to be and one other birthday girl amongst a larger party group - warranting a double act male stripper routine to ensure they both receive enough attention and are both made to feel special. Some girls may have an abundant appetite for men/ eye candy, in which case how much quality attention they receive is essential to a successful male strip show.

Some male strippers have a magical chemistry and work particularly well together where their whole performance is far greater than the sum of their parts. Their style of dance or physical presence may compliment each other - for example a black male stripper with outstanding dance talent alongside a white male stripper who is flexible, strong and acrobatic. Each stripper bringing something unique to the performance.

Creativity, double bluffs and personalization with double acts

Hen parties and male strippers are always thinking up novel, fun and creative ways to surprise a birthday girl or bride to be using combos of character, roleplay, costume, uniform and props… Double act male stripper routines can double the scope of possibilities. For greater comedy value, a male stripper in a gorilla costume can do the funny intro performance followed by a more sexy James Bond male stripper who can alter the mood for variance. If people hire a venue that don’t allow strippers generally, the gorillagram theme is a safe bet for tamer entertainment. If there are spouses present at a birthday victim's party, the gorillagram theme can be comedically disarming to get them to enjoy the show instead of panic.

Whether the two strippers strip together on stage or seperately is open for personalization. As a double bluff sometimes it can be funny if a second stripper turns up shortly after the first stripper to pretend they are the real police shutting the party down.


male stripper double acts
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