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Male Stripper Hire

How long can you hire a local male stripper for? 
The average stripper hire with a full strip routine lasts around 20 minutes. However some party groups especially hen parties book longer. A longer stripper hire is sometimes necessary if hen parties are doing airport transfers or party bus tours in big cities like London. Male strippers are often expected to perform on the party bus throughout the whole journey which could last 1-3 hours. Obviously this could cost more than a typical 20 minute spot male strip show since additional travel logistics are involved.

How much does it cost to hire a male stripper? 
Prices are generally based on a variety of factors including duration, journeys, travel expenses involved and whether it's during peak hours, off peak hours or after hours - very late. Another factor is whether you prefer full strip, partial strip or kissagram. Factor in how much you are willing to spend per person on a male stripper, if everyone makes a contribution, divided up it can be a very cheap form of party entertainment.

What should I consider when hiring strippers near me locally?
Find out if there are male strippers to hire near you that fit the victim, bride or birthday girl's preference of guy. Clues come from what her future husband or boyfriend looks like. Lookalikes of the groom are popular requests for male strippers whether it be ethnicity or in facial characteristics. Maid of honour's who book male strippers for hen parties often try to find a suitable 'male stripper type' that the bride will fancy or look a close match to the bride's husband! Or if the brides husband has a certain profession, the male stripper can mimic that with a suitable costume. For example if the bride's husband is a doctor, policeman or plumber, a roleplay can be enacted using that as a source of inspiration. The goal is to make the bride or birthday girl laugh and feel special on her big day.

Are there strippers to hire near you of a certain ethnicity and age? That is another factor to consider when booking a male stripper near you . The most popular age range for a male stripper is mid 20's to early 30's.

Is hiring a stripper suitable for tame, sophisticated or older and mixed audiences? Or is it just wild hen parties that hire male strippers?
Male strippers come in all varieties from classic good looking buff hunks to novelty acts to professional dancers who only do partial strip and tease routines. Seasoned male strippers are well versed at choreographing a suitable performance tailored towards more tame and sophisticated audiences, or mixed family celebrations where more mature family members are present such as Grandparents. It's not uncommon for male strippers to perform at 80th birthdays! 

Also consider if the party wants to hire more than one male stripper. Another popular setup is to have a male stripper perform with a female stripper together at the same time in a fun roleplay involving a blindfold and props. This works especially well for mixed audiences at birthday parties. For large party groups and ladies nights strippers can also choreograph routines. Novelty or roly poly strippers are also a fun idea who can embody a fantasy character of your imagination. 

When is the best time to hire a stripper? 
Hire a stripper with as much notice as possible during peak season between the Spring and Summer months, especially if you are throwing a party somewhere remote in the countryside or coastal regions. Last minute strippers are still possible with 1 hour's notice. The peak of the evening after people have had a few alcoholic drinks at the party is generally the best time to have a stripper perform.

Is hiring a stripper popular these days? 
Hiring strippers is actually not as popular as it used to be. The demand is about 50% less of what it used to be 5 years ago. This is due to a confluence of factors including alternatives to male strippers such as butlers in the buff and life drawing models. The uncertainty of Brexit is also putting pressure on UK's spending for entertainment.

How common is stripper hire at local hen parties and birthday parties?
In big cities like London, male strippers are popular. London is the most popular city in UK for hen parties which is naturally the top customer group for hiring male strippers. Birthday's such as 18th, 21st, 30th and 40th birthdays are also popular excuses for male strippers to arrive with the occasional 80th's!

How do i hire a stripper near me locally?
Stripper.co.uk can find out who is available in your area today.

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