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Male strippers and fascinating social dynamics

The mix of customers, strippers, alcoholic drinks, and nudity results in a fascinating social dynamic. The power that female strippers especially command over their audience is remarkable.

Central to a stripper's performance is to create a fantasy for the customer, which includes a customized costume and a tastefully provocative dance act. Female customers at male stripper clubs have been known to act in a manner which is inconsistent with traditional feminine social values, such as being sexually aggressive, forward and loud even while female patrons remain seated in a supposed passive role as the male stripper strips and gyrates.

Women commonly watch male strippers during hen parties and hen nights, but the power dynamic at these parties is quite different from the typical female stripper who performs for male clients. Traditionally culture has engrained men as the pursuers and women as the pursued; however this notion is often reversed in a male strip show environment where female patrons can positively express themselves freely and provocatively.

Part of the entertainment for girls who watch a stripper perform is also watching their female friends and fellow hen's outlandish behaviour - actively desiring the male stripper, often causing fits of laughter. Male strip clubs represent a positive environment for this behaviour, in which groups of women can confidently let their inhibitions go without any male interference or judgement. Female audience members have been known to impatiently rip off shirts and pull down trousers of male strippers...

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