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Male Strippers in Hounslow

Hounslow is very near Heathrow Airport making it convenient for parties who want to hire a male stripper in London before travelling abroad. Hounslow is also cheaper than many other areas in London, especially central, making it suitable for small low key hen parties and birthdays on a tight budget.

male strippers hounslow

With a large multicultural community in London, particularly Hounslow, male strippers are very well adept at tweaking their shows for different customs and traditions.

For example, Indian ceremonies are popular in Hounslow banqueting halls. Shows tend to be more sophisticated to suit the nature of a banqueting celebration, which includes a mixture of mature audience members from various generations. 007 James Bond with only a 'partial strip' may be a more suitable sophisticated theme for large banquet parties in Hounslow which could include hundreds of mature or prudish audience members. The cliche fireman doing a full strip may allude to being too tacky for consideration in this instance.

Many young Indian hen parties treat the occasion as a major family event. Magic Mike style dance routines may be best for family hen parties of this nature where the popularity of Magic Mike is seen as a 'safe bet' with broad family appeal. More focus is put on the dancing and theatrical elements instead of outright stripping per se.

Where can Hounslow male strippers perform?

Hounslow strippers can perform in many local pub venues aswell as private addresses. For example The Sun pub, 148 Hanworth road, Hounslow, TW3 1UG has a terrific young energetic party atmosphere, not typical of an average pub which occasionally hosts ladies nights for locals.

Indian restaurants in Hounslow are very welcoming towards adult entertainment for their customers, staff also enjoy the extra buzz. Male strippergrams or kissagrams can arrive either before or after eating in the restaurant when for example a birthday girl or unsuspecting hen bride least expects a male stripper to swagger through the dining area and spontaneously start dancing and grinding for her. Some audience members seem to enjoy seeing an embarrassed red faced bride!

Late night and last minute male strippers in Hounslow are easy to book with local venues being so accomodating. More so than other inner city areas of London, making Hounslow a great choice to celebrate your party.

The following venues in Hounslow also welcome London male strippers

The White Bear 198 Kingsley Road, Hounslow TW3 4AR.

Kohinoor, 266/268 Bath Road, Hounslow West, Hounslow TW4 7DF

Horizons Bar & Banqueting, 210 Hanworth Road, Hounslow TW3 3TU, Via 39 Whitton Road

Local strippers to Hounslow come in all ethnicities; asian, black and caucasian with various physical appearances such as blonde, tall, buff etc.

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