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Peaky Blinders Male Strippers for a Peaky Blinders theme hen party


Peaky Blinders has been a novel stripper theme which has repeatedly won approval from modern, edgy and sophisticated hen parties, especially given the association to popular pin-up's Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy.

Girls at house parties on Tiktok are even seen dressing up in an attempt to model the female version of a male peaky blinders counterpart. This could be another outlandish idea for sophisticated hen parties - flat caps with suspenders and smart tweed jackets. A sure way for your hen party videos to go viral.

In the Netflix series Cillian plays Tommy Shelby a machiavellian hard nosed gangster with savvy fashion sense and Tom Hardy plays north London kingpin Alfie Solomons. What woman does not enjoy a London male stripper dressed as a powerful bad boy for an immersive strip show to jump start the hen party atmosphere?

The original series is based on a true story blended with fiction about a gang's criminal exploits in 1870s Birmingham. Victorian Birmingham became a hotbed for crime which was perfect for a storyline about 'bad boys' to be created and themed in dance shows for modern day.

Peaky blinders hen parties are popular

The peaky blinders costume has become iconic with it's wide appeal, with the likes of David Beckham mimicking the look at public appearances like the Queen's funeral. The flat baker boy cap, tweed waistcoat and wool overcoat from the 1900s period is quintesentially English looking and has grown in populartiy - even popping up as a theme for girl's hen parties and wedding parties.

Sales of flat caps sky rocketed during the peaky blinders series showing just how much the show has influenced how people dress. A testament that TV shows and movies represent a great source of inspiration for hen party themes.

Peaky Blinders male strippers are the perfect choice for that special occasion. Imagine the dramatic peaky blinders music mixed with classic striptease songs with a Tommy Shelby dancer stripper storming a hen party shouting "by order of the peaky blinders". A perfect way to celebrate for a party of Cillian Murphy fans or peaky blinders fans.

Our professional and highly trained male strippers will arrive at your party in full Peaky Blinders attire, bringing a unique twist to traditional hen and stag nights as they dazzle you with their choreographed dance routines and make your event one to talk about and share on Instagram or Tiktok.

Cillian Murphy playing the main character is a 46 year old Irish heartthrob actor who is currently adored by women of all generations. His character in peaky blinders has nerves of steel, a baritone voice and the ladies adore him, making him the ideal character for a male strip and dance show.

For those interested in a peaky blinders professional dance theatre show in North London, Wembley Park Theatre offers tickets. Steven Knight, the creator has also announced a movie which is expected to arrive in 2024.




peaky blinders hen party

Peaky Blinders Hen Party Theme

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