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Ideas & Unlimited Themes for Personalized Male Strip Shows

Classic fireman strip shows aside, the new popular male strip show themes include strippers dressed as smart doctors, medics, even characterization's of sportsman and icons with deeper, funnier storylines to reflect individual hen party scenarios and current times.

A popular male strip show theme is associated to the profession of a future husband of the bride-to-be at a hen party. There is no end to the level of personalization and inspiration creative & playful hens think up to generate a humorous and exciting surprise for their lucky friend. Stripper.co.uk want to give creative hens and imaginative party planners the opportunity to embrace their creative side!

male stripper show ideas themes

Stripper.co.uk were the original to expand extensively beyond run of the mill stripper hire themes & uniforms - tapping into a wider variety of women's fantasies so you can tell a great story to friends for years to come. We encourage you to think about anything relevant, novel and fun that can be associated to your chosen male stripper theme.

Personalized male strip shows creating laughter that lasts a lifetime is our credo.

What makes a great stripper story to tell all your friends about? How about kicking off conversation's with: "Remember that hen party when a hot cowboy male stripper swaggered through the entrance...". In the world of male stripping - which tends to attract creative girls who think out of the box or laterally for party gifts - the most outlier ideas come up for themed costumes; from Harry Potter male strippers to coronavirus related themes such as doctors in a mask and bright pvc gloves. It could also be iconic show characters from Netflix such as Peaky Blinders, wearing the infamous baker boy cap and tweed.

Hens who really want to spoil their friends on a hen night sometimes like to mix and match with double strip shows or troupe routines with two or more different guys wearing costumes to appeal to each girl's taste or persona in the group. Friends can bank a sure bet if it's a chosen theme based on the bride's favourite show such as Peaky Blinders or Magic Mike. Manly icons, boyfriend lookalikes or of-the-moment sex symbols can come to the rescue as a hot male stripper theme to cheer up a group of girls in adverse situations such as cancelled hen parties abroad. If you were going to Marbella on a hen weekend and the pandemic foiled your holiday plans, why not bring the Spanish fiesta to your sofa with a Spanish themed party and Zoom stripper in Matador costume. A colourful Las Vegas/ Sin City theme another fun hen party idea for those due to hit America's top bachelorette destination. International or cultured hen parties might even have nuanced tastes for a particular country's version of a uniform such as American cop.

Hen's with an outrageous sense of humour might even go as far as printing a personalized face mask of a husband-to-be's face for their stripper to wear.

How do you put a price on a hysterical stripper story you can laugh about for years at the bar with your friends? The ultimate icebreaker for connecting people at parties or small gatherings who don't know each other well!

Before we arrive Stripper.co.uk make an extra effort to thoroughly understand the lucky customer's favourite taste in sexy uniform, music and any relevant or suggestive theme ideas; whether it relates to a passion, movie, era or even celebrity. For example we've had unusual requests such as Elvis, Bon Jovi aswell as the classic policeman, Magic Mike, naval officer and fireman, and more general themes from tame to wild, from partial to full strip shows. No male stripper show need be the same in an effort to carefully adapt strip shows for each individual. We can also customize/ edit playlists and choreograph dance routines to a customer's favourite song. Yes, the dirty dancing song and famous lift off scene with Patrick Swayze has been requested!

"stripper's warn bride's for breach of lockdown rules..."

Crafted roleplays and scripted grand entrances can also be arranged to perfect that momentous element of surprise scenario, which we can advise from seasoned experience.

A popular male stripper roleplay is to knock at the door as a policeman warning there's been complaints from neighbours about noise, drunken and disorderly misbehaviour, while asking for ID.

A police stripper rendition for guaranteed laughter is interrogating the bride-to-be or birthday girl about a past wrongdoing..

Another fun roleplay entrance is the club or hotel manager asking to turn the noise down. Any elements of a standardized strip show can be customized such as the entrance or extended durations with party games or lap dances. Either going down to a partial striptease in underwear or full monty strip show.

For real life male strip shows at hen parties in venues, the duration sweet spot tends to be a 'single spot' dance show of about 20 minutes, otherwise known as a baseline strippergram. Personalized photographs with the party group or victims are often requested and may be taken for fun memories. After performing the stripper is available to come around the audience for photos or extra dances if requested.
























Popular Male Strip Shows

Policeman will always be number one for guaranteed laughter while being versatile for all occasions. However, if you want to personalize a hunky male stripper in uniform further - see below top trends for male strip shows.

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Peaky Blinders strip show with tweed waistcoat and baker boy cap

Doctor strip show with
medical roleplay

nurse male stripper
magic mike stripper

Magic Mike strip show

Nurse strip show

soapy wash stripper
cowboy stripper

Cowboy strip show

Soapy wash strip show

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