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Stripper in the Hotel Room

Hotel stripper for hen parties and birthdays

Hen parties and birthdays on a time sensitive itinerary staying overnight in a bustling city centre, often prefer the privacy and ease of logisitcs directing a male stripper straight to their hotel room or luxury suite before their girls night out. This saves having to book a private function room and saves asking permission from venues in town, especially if going to overly crowded venues unsuitable or inappropriate for strippers doing 'full strip shows' during certain times. No strict rules to abide by or overruling and invading managers to worry about.

Having the party in a hotel room also helps minimize costs instead of hiring out additional booths or function rooms at expensive city pubs, bars and clubs. If the guest's hotel is central to all the nightlife such as in London, having a stripper come straight to their hotel room presents numerous logistical benefits and added flexibility. London male strippers are flexible both physically with their impressive dance moves and flexible logistically for improvised inner city hotel parties.

Hotel male stripper ideas

hotel stripper ideasImpersonating an authoritative hotel manager or concierge who's upset with noise complaints from neighbours in the next hotel room is a very believable, theatrical entrance to maximize surprise and laughter. Given policeman and fireman are cliched uniform themes for male strippers, it offers variety and novelty to male stripper veterans in the group who have already seen the whole 'bride under arrest' or 'fireman rescue' routines at previous hen parties.

A waiter stripper in unsuspecting smart attire is a popular theme - entering the hotel room offering room service with something funny like a pink dildo hidden under a cloche serving dish. Watching eveyone erupt with laughter as the waiter lifts open the silver lid is a highly amusing entrance for a 'room service!" strip show. Another variant of the smart sophisticated theme is Fifty Shades of Grey. Why not have a fusion of the two?

If party guests plan to order a pizza to their hotel room that night, a hunky pizza delivery stripper wearing unsuspecting work uniform and a baseball cap can knock on the door to deliver food while wetting everyone's appetite for more.

Hotel manager stripper ideas

"Poolside Pandemonium": The hotel manager surprises guests with a spontaneous poolside strip show, turning an ordinary day at the pool into a hilarious and memorable scenario.

"The Concierge Conundrum": The hotel manager, dressed as a concierge, offers guests an unexpected type of "assistance" with their luggage, only to reveal his true identity through a comical striptease.

"The Midnight Mischief": After receiving a noise complaint, the hotel manager arrives at the scene dressed as a stern security officer, only to put on a show-stopping performance that leaves the guests in stitches.

"The Check-In Checkout": At the hotel check-in counter, the manager performs a one-of-a-kind check-in routine that involves a humorous striptease and an unforgettable welcome to the hotel.

"The Housekeeping Hijinks": Disguised as a housekeeper, guests are offered an "extra clean" experience, only to surprise them with a cheeky performance as he sheds his cleaning attire.

"The Conference Capers": In the midst of a dull conference, the hotel manager takes the stage and turns the event into a lively, funny spectacle with an unexpected striptease.

"The Breakfast Buffet Ballyhoo": Guests arriving for breakfast are greeted by the hotel manager dressed as a chef, who serves up a side of laughter with a hilarious, choreographed strip routine.

"The Valet Venture": Dressed as a valet he offers guests a parking service like no other, turning the mundane task of parking a car into an unforgettable, amusing experience.


Logisitcs & planning for parties and strippers in hotel rooms

Budget hotel rooms for hen parties
Ideal for smaller intimate hen parties on a budget - with room capacity generally up to 12 people and one male stripper. Typically a hotel room is best for entertaining the bride in cheap hotels since function rooms are limited or non existent to guests. If you are not overly fussed about sophisticated magic mike dance routines, strippers can easily adapt dance routines to the space available in budget hotel rooms.

Budget hen party friendly hotels such as Holiday Inn, Travelodge or Ibis hotel generally turn a blind eye to what hen dos get upto in their room. Hen parties represent a lucrative target audience for them, especially when they actively reach out to hen parties through Hen Heaven and other large hen party accommodation companies.

Standard mid star rating hotels
Hotels in the mid star rating range often have function room or conference room facilities available for large 20+ people parties, ideal for strippers to extend their dance routines across a wide floor space. Ideal for multiple strippers performing together especially if it's a large party.

If hen parties have hired a hotel function room, hotel staff are often very accomodating towards allowing adult entertainment since hotel reviews from large groups are critical. Hotel staff are often willing to assist in the preparation of adult entertainment and any technical requirements with music.

Luxury hotels and health spas
Even though luxury hotels bend over backwards to provide 5 star service it's advisable to be discreet with detail about strippers and party enterainment. In luxury hotels, hotel rooms are the safest to discreetly host strip shows since it's luck of the draw if a 5 star hotel manager agrees to the idea for a hen party friendly activity in their function area.

Luxury 5 star hotel suites are usually bigger than standard hotel rooms, offering plenty of space for a magic mike style dance routine. Luxury suites in places like May Fair hotel in Mayfair, London typically have the capacity for at least 25+ guests with loud music and noise being less of a worry.

Boutique hotels

Boutique hotels such as Crazy Bear in Beaconsfield are centred around providing an all encompassing experience for guests - and therefore happy to help guests with logistics concerning male stripper hire bookings. Crazy bear provides the perfect lavish setting for celebrations and entertainment in their VIP function areas and nouveau chic suites.

Hotels near airports

Hotels near airports such as Heathrow offer a great opportunity to cram in last minute adult entertainment on short stay bachelorette trips. Ideal for foreign groups and hen parties abroad while between transfers in London. Atrium hotel in Heathrow provides straight forward hen party friendly accomodation.

Benefits of choosing a hotel over traditional venues

With hotels being 24 hours, they offer the opportunity for very late bookings well into the early hours if parties want to push back their schedule for example. On the flip side hotels make it easy to accomodate very early daytime bookings where traditional hen party venues are too openly showcased to general punters. You have no time constraints. Hotels also eliminate all risk of interuption from staff and public if there are shades of grey in the arrangements. Bride to be's especially, feel less embarassed if there are less prying onlookers.

Tips when hiring a stripper in hotel room

1. Depending on the nature of the event, be discreet with hotel staff.

2. Clear as much floor space as possible. Move items off the floor and put a chair in the middle of the room.

3. Meet the stripper in the hotel foyer, then escort them to the room as a 'normal guest'.

3. If in a hotel room with neighbouring rooms in close proximity, minimize noise where possible.

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