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The Art of Performing as a Male Stripper

What are the key skills of a male stripper at hen parties?

Given the nature of hen parties is to have fun, being able to bring a positive, playful energy to the room is a prerequisite for a male strippergram. Hen parties vary from sophisticated to wild so being able to understand the tone and type of audience on the night using emotional intelligence, tactility and social calibration is important. It's not simply about dancing ad lib like a male go go dancer, as a level of humorous entertainment, social interaction, wit and spontaneity is expected during a male strippergram's performance. Being able to empathize with the personality who the surprise is for is also essential to make them feel at ease and comfortable. Classic male stripper props like whipped cream and baby oil may sometimes be used - depending how game or conservative the lucky lady is and the type of audience. Bantering and humouring the group after the show is almost always expected whilst staying for photographs.

A very high degree of psychological and bodily confidence is required to be a male stripper, especially with performances in party buses in central London and private hen nights. A male stripper should not be intimidated easily as audience members can sometimes include males and females from all walks of life and under the influence of alcohol. Excellent communication and versatile social skills are required to gel in large social group settings. A high degree of stamina is also neccessary to dance and drive through multiple UK cities - sometimes hours on end if there are many strip shows clustered together in one night.

Being highly organized, especially when it comes to planning long journeys, parking, changing costumes, adapting routines, communicating with the customer and taking charge of music setup is also important to make a male strip show run smoothly before it starts. Time keeping is essential since so many people (often uncontrollably drunk hens) depend on a male stripper arriving on time... Hen nights often have a full itinerary of activities in quick succession after the stripper's performance. Hen party groups often have taxi's, party buses or a limo booked so there's no margin for error with time keeping. Traffic and road closures should be foreseen with plan B in mind to arrive at the venue comfortably - epecially in Greater London, East/ West London or anywhere remotely close to the M25 motorway. Also factoring in late last minute hen night bookings which often come in on Saturday nights. Driving sensibly to strippergram bookings around cities like London, Reading or Cambridge is an art in itself.

A skilled male stripper should have a repertoire of interesting and seductive dance routines, which can be inspired by 'male go go dance', lap dance and even salsa dance to make it more interactive and sophisticated for the older audience. A male stripper should be able to adapt an impressive routine quickly for all situations and tastes, sometimes where there's limited space to manouever, including crowded raucous pubs in East London or even crouching down inside moving limousines to perform! Party buses rammed full of drunk girls also present a tricky environment to strip in, particularly while driving around bends in London.

Certain prerequisites exist for a male stripper:

- Maintaining excellent physical condition
- Creative repertoire of dance moves
- Sense of humour
- Confidence stripping in all environments in front of all walks of life
- Stamina for dancing long hours and taking long drives through traffic at weekends/ sacrificing Saturday nights
- A reputation for competence and reliability, since everyone in the hen party group depends on you.

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