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Birthday Male Stripper Hire & Coronavirus Trends Reshaping 2021

Second-order consequences reach tipping point during the Coronavirus pandemic for birthday parties and hiring male strippers. A 2020 review and deep dive into the trends reshaping 2021.

Sharp increase for a "stripper on my birthday" amongst lonely, singleton millenials amidst 2020 pandemic. From 'we' to 'me'!

"I am craving fun like nothing else..."

Single millenial girls aged 24-39 years old in 2020 had the greatest propensity to self-serve male strippers on their own birthday. With the 2020 pandemic leaving birthday party plans in disarray, more girls are unashamedly taking matters into their own hands to claw back party plans or overcompensate on their forthcoming celebration ahead in 2021-2022, with comments like "I want to make up for a tough year" or "I am craving fun like nothing else right now..." People due for special occasions have ended up spending a lot of time alone all year. On occasion coy girls explain a relative such as cheeky sister prompted a fun idea with strict instruction to ask questions about male stripper hire and Zoom strippers.

With group socializing radically downsized during the pandemic, it feels less embarrassing to take the reigns on one's own birthday plans. In 2020 it was easier to put more influence and persuasion on less friends when numbers were originally capped at 6 people or less per group by the government. Interactions heavily limited but made more meaningful and appreciated in 2021.

A common scenario is twenty to thirty-something girls having no choice but to celebrate at home with just a few housemates in a bubble or co-inhabiting relatives in a bubble. This social setup makes it easy to share, discuss and bounce wild birthday party ideas and mull them over with a few glasses of wine. There's copious amounts of time in solitude to dream or brainstorm out of the box cures for loneliness or boredom like a virtual Zoom stripper with friends, while firms keep people at home and work is throttled back during COVID tier restrictions. Those with adversities may crave a light hearted escape.

Girls with very small social circles were less hesitant about stripper hire for only two or three friends during 2020, using Coronavirus as an excuse not to feel embarrassed about birthday celebration attendance figures. In a year of socioeconomic crisis when enjoying life becomes increasingly appreciated and prized, embarassment is an afterthought.

Who wants to celebrate a landmark birthday on their own?

Finding windows of opportunity to meet friends, celebrate and accept birthday gifts in between repeated 'circuit breaker' Coronavirus lockdowns had become increasingly tricky or impossible for some in the strictest COVID tier areas such as London, leading to single girls especially, feeling lonely and fed up on their birthday.

Celebrating an 18th, 30th, 40th or 50th on your own - isolated - is unfathomable for some, especially those who's last birthday was so good they wanted to relive the memories or a landmark birthday so bad they desperately want to make up for it. There has been an uptick in singleton birthday girls looking to self indulge and speculate in male stripper hire as a result of forced hibernation.

The demand for dialogue and engagement with male strippers over Zoom is another trend emerging, given so many lack social interaction during the pandemic.

Fun male strippers cherry picked for their charismatic qualities have adapted to offer an online cheer up service with deeper interaction, online party game ideas and dialogue with their ususal exotic dance routines to help isolated singleton's get through 2021! COVID's tsunami effect on the party and strip show circuit forces creativity amongst strippers. Similar to Coca-Cola's mission statement, male strippers for hire have a consistent message -- to foster 'happiness and sharing'. Sharing laughs with friends over a shirtless hunk - akin to the iconic diet coke break advert in this context.

Uptick in family members hiring male strippers for loved ones

Family members such as sisters are spending more time looking out for one another during the pandemic. With an emphasis on cheering each other up through chaos of no work, no socializing and endless activity cancellations, dutiful sisters - often millenials - have been speculating male strippers for hire more than usual for birthdays and hen parties ahead.

Mother's especially are going the extra mile for their daughter's on 19th birthday's in 2021 after foiled landmark 18th birthday plans in 2020.

Fun stay-at-home alternative to cancelled birthday holidays

With the high risk of hampered travel arrangements/ ban on non essential travel, more people are seeking stay at home forms of entertainment.

Daughters are also looking out for their Mother's, exemplified in a case where one lady wanted to bring the fun of her Mum's previously booked birthday holiday to her doorstep once Coronavirus settles:

"It's my mum's 50th in May..Me and my lil sister have booked a trip to Rome but due to everything going on can't take her :( so looking into a Gladiator stripper to come help us bring Rome to my Mum instead".

Office birthdays celebrated virtually

A 2020 survey from Gartner business research suggests 82% of office bosses intend to let staff work from home part-time - driving further demand and diffusion of virtual birthday party hangouts like Zoom in 2021. Very often birthday celebrations online are organized by close colleagues with a birthday stripper coming as a surprise guest from their cool bosses.

Uniting friends and colleagues afar on a birthday is now easy without limitation on Zoom video calls. Those crazy friends or colleagues who hire strippers without hesitation, that would otherwise live too far away to attend a real birthday are now back in the loop, so watch out!





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