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Diet Coke Break Male Stripper

Few hunky topless guys are as iconic and symbolic as the one depicted in the 1995 diet coke break commercial. 40 something plus ladies will have an indelible image of that ruggedly handsome, masculine construction worker nonchalantly taking his shirt off on a busy construction site then sipping Coke in a slow, sensual manner. This thrilling, perfectly tailored theme for women with curious eyes is almost made for a male stripper parody. Male strippers are the masters of adaptation cross-fertilizing ideas from random genres and eras to evoke nostalgia and please audiences scattered in wide-ranging era's, from millenials all the way up to women in their 90's at care homes.

diet coke break male stripper

The girls in the office ogling a half naked man on a construction site was a refreshing tongue in cheek role reversal where men became the sexual object of desire to break the 90's mould on screen. "11:30" were the magic words uttered amongst a group of salivating female colleagues in the upper floor of an office to rush to the window for a lusting eyeful of topless male during their break. Aswell as being an object of desire, this also highlighted disrobed men as a social object - helping women bond at the office.

Relatability is something the clip aimed for when they chose to represent everyday women - who in reality may see a guy this attractive as scarce and unobtainable. A similar situation when everyday women bored of everyday life (especially during Coronavirus lockdowns) fancy the excitement, novelty and unpredictability of male strippers with chiseled, modelesque looks at girl's night gatherings.

In anniversary of the diet coke break hunk, an experiential campaign was brought to life in real as a publicity stunt at Finsbury Avenue Square, London so passers by could enjoy 20 topless hunks - pretending they are doing manual labour. All these ideas are perfect setups for male stripper pranks on friends who have birthday parties coming up and crave male eyecandy.

Popular believe is that women get turned on in the mind as opposed to visually, but male strippers may offer more insight into contradictions to this. Some women are very visually turned on by certain physical characteristics as proven in the success of the diet coke break. Similar to how men have a primeval instinct towards finding women with child bearing hips attractive. The popularity of a tall, rugged looking square jawed model sipping coke while stripping who had no dialogue whatsoever or insight into his character exemplified this. Male eyecandy with no dialogue has a time and place it would appear, even if that is a 5 minute stint during women's brunch break or 1 hour at a male strip show.

How could a diet coke break male stripper idea work?

Fitting music is a defining segue to make any male stripper routine impactful. With the diet coke break song unexpectedly being blasted in the office at full volume, the chances are high people will know something fun is about to kick off, especially in a young, hip, vibrant office full of twenty to thirty something women typically in ad agencies or PR agencies in central London. These companies are daring and creative, using mediums such as male models and male strippers for random parties, especially if it creates positive buzz around a product launch combined with birthday of a client.

Office birthdays may choose to have a male performer dance in an open plan office or alternatively in a secluded office room. A funny stripper setup is to pretend the unsuspectingly dressed stripper is present for an interview, then proceeds to unbutton his shirt slowly to help increase the chances of a job, with diet coke on the table and the diet coke break song suddenly blasted loudly out of nowhere.

If the male stripper was hired for a birthday at a young, vibrant media agency in London, part of the interview roleplay could be how influential the diet coke break campaign was on his work, so much so that he has to re-enact it.

What diet coke break stripper lookalikes are there?

Breaking it down further into what makes a successful male stripper show, is matching the look of male performer to the birthday victim's personal preferences or turn-ons - unbeknownst to them. Male characteristics proven successful from the diet coke break, such as tall, rugged, masculine square jaw have a universal and overwhelming appeal over other traits such as big muscles which is more an individualized preference. Male models who moonlight as male strippers have similar styles and looks to the diet coke hunk over the cliche muscle-bound male stripper.

What similar stripper themes are there?

The appeal of a male stripper that doesn't deviate from being relatable and realistic in everyday life situations like a builder is popular for twenty to thirty something birthdays. Any kind of unsuspecting workman stripper doing manual labour makes a compelling role-play intro script. The unsuspecting element makes a more hysterical surprise effect.

What mediums are there to deliver a diet coke male stripper?

Zoom-o-grams are convenient for lockdown strips

Kissagram is tame for sophisticated and mature parties

Strippergram is for a more daring hen party or wild adult birthday

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