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Black Male Strippers

Many black male stripper lovers have already experienced Chocolate Men in Leicester Square on Saturday nights with party bus experiences offering the best black ladies nights in London. Ethnicity is a big ordeal for male stripper selection in London with discerning black n' white girls/ fans alike explicitly summoning big black guys to their addresses late at night. South East Londoners especially love their mixed race and hunky ebony men aswell as the urban nightclubs concentrated around Southwark.

What makes black male strippers in London so popular?

With natural rhythm reputedly in their genes exotic black strippers love seductive music that marries precisely to the correct dance routine and black audience, for example R n' B, soul music, slow jams, Afrobeats, hip-hop, reggae. Music genres that create seductive, memorising and enticing dance moves for female Londoners of every culture, creed and colour.

Expressive dancing has deep roots in West African traditions which still exist in British Black culture seen throughout clubs in London. In black culture where music and dance is an important part of life and family, aspiring dancers from a young age inevitably experiment early with different rhythmic dance styles.

Many black male strippers come from a strong and diverse dance background as a springboard into the world of strippergrams and full blown strip shows like Chocolate Men in London. It took years of experience and exposure in the dance world to perfect their backflips and body rolls on stage naked.

Black ladies nights spreading in London

Urban FM promoted annual ladies nights with strippers for black communities in London, celebrating African culture at Hackney picture house. The local strip shows named "Touch n' Tease" were a huge success with black ladies flocking from Hackney n' Dalston. Tracks n' records in Spitalfields owned by Usain bolt, another venue that hosts similar parties with urban music. Then there are small private gigs attended by a few girls in apartments around Brixton, Dulwich and Canary Wharf.

Instead of spending big money on African maid of honor dresses, women would rather spend their money on a hot black guy with sex appeal who can tease them in their living room during a celebration or girls night in sleepover. Besides hen parties the Ann Summers lingerie parties, engagement, breakup and divorce are alternative intimate niche events that suit male stripper hire in small London apartments. Any excuse!

Black male strippers in London are professionals when it comes to perfoming for all events from jamborees to small local afternoon tea parties in the garden, and hosting party games with a fun attitude and humour.

Who are the best black male strippers in London?

As much as we'd love to fly over the global king of black stripping Bolo to London, we still have a phenomenal line up of local black male stripper protégés.

Ebony King is one of the most popular black male strippers in London with rugged good looks and a chiseled muscular physique that his female fans adore. Ebony King can travel anywhere in London to perform choreographed routines with tailored themed costumes such as Fifty shades of Grey or Magic Mike.

Hot Rod trained with Cirque du Soleil with a multidisciplinary approach to dance and theatre - which can now be repackaged for your house party down the street in London. Hot Rod can travel anywhere in Greater London and home counties such as Berkshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

What kind of dance moves do black male strippers have?

Many professionally trained exotic black dancers often credit inspiration from Bolo in America who took Youtube by sensation with his finely tuned erotic dance moves rehearsing off stage in his living room to millions of followers. As London stripper counterparts hone their exotic dance rehearsals by learning from the best strippers in the world, Heat is another big name credited on the black strip show circuit.

With hashtags trending such as #melanin kings and ebony kings you can see how popular sexy exotic black men are on the male strip show circuit.

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