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Girls Night In Ideas

Organize your own fun filled girls night in meetup quickly and easily with a hot male stripper and some party pieces.

stay at home girls night inTake inspiration from our adult girls night in party ideas to have a cosy night in socializing locally with your closest girl friends or friend. Even if it's just one or two friends or housemates looking to have a fun night in midweek, no gathering or party is too small.

Pre-hen party, pre-hen night girl's night in

A more sedate pre-hen night, pre-hen party girl's night in is a popular warm up gathering in the house before the main party with everyone. If certain key friends cannot attend the main celebration, a pre-hen party is the ideal solution to get them involved. It also gives friends in the circle such as bridesmaids and the maid of honour a chance to bounce ideas around for the main event -- which often involves another hen weekend abroad. A pre-hen girl's night in is popular to cram in a male stripper before going away, or on the night before flying off to a hen weekend destination.

Heartbreak, rebound, 'cheer up' girl's night in with male stripper

When a friend has recently been dumped, cheated on or ghosted by a guy and left heartbroken, she often depends on friends to rally around and cheer her up. If the guy is the one who initiated it - her confidence may have been badly bruised leaving her lonely and angry. Male strippers often get hired to distract a heartbroken girl's attention away from this with their attractive, charismatic presence. Male strippers are highly professional and trained at making each girl feel special.

Casual girl's night in, small girly night ideas

Whether it's an adult slumber party, pyjama party or dinner party, you can easily have as much fun as going out if you're creative. Spend less time worrying about taxis, getting home late and being out in the cold going from bar to bar. Spend more quality girly time with a cosy girls night in. If your friends are wild, you can introduce party games, drinking games or a hot male stripper to ogle at for an hour while performing the Magic Mike experience in your own living room.

Girls night in sleepovers mean no worries about transport or being too drunk to drive home, with additional savings on drinks, alcohol and food. Add Prosecco, cocktails, canapés and platters to complete your cheap girls night. No unplanned, spiralling bar tabs or awkward bill scenarios to worry about.

Whether it be to console on each other's problems, gossip about relationships and men - a girly get-together should be arranged more often during times when social media is guilty of replacing real life relationships. The numerous health benefits of being in a friendly social group with regular real life social interaction are not to be understated. The reverse can be argued for social media.

A girls night in could be for everyone's benefit or dedicated to one or more individuals. In such cases why not make it highly individualized towards one lucky girl by cooking or ordering food she loves or hiring a male stripper of a particular type that she would enjoy.

There are endless possibilties for girls night in party themes and games:

Nostalgia nights
Cheer up friend/ breakup/ divorcee party
Netflix films & pizza delivery male stripper
Pamper party, makeover manicure or pedicure
Adult sleepover, slumber party
Pyjama party
Ann Summers/ sexy lingerie party
Single ladies
Birthday 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th
Pre-hen party warm up
Dinner party
Karaoke night
Fancy dress eg. Halloween party, 80's...
Holiday, short break, glamping, teepee slumber party

Male stripper pizza/ food delivery

A popular night in scenario is to have a hunky unsuspecting pizza delivery guy - come male stripper - deliver a fresh Domino's pizza to your house, airbnb or hotel to make it as bigger surprise as possible. Stripper.co.uk can easily arrange any takeaway food to be delivered. A medium sized pizza from Domino's would only cost an extra £10 to all male stripper hire bookings or meal hampers below for larger groups having a girls nights in.

girls night in pizza delivery male stripper

Ann Summers reps often attend girls night in parties to showcase the latest sex toys and lingerie for added fun and laughter. For further excitement, are you aware that you can have a pizza delivery male stripper to your door in 1 hour in London?

Why delay until the weekend? Take the lead, start inviting or nominate a friend who has an open house one night during the week. Get a midweek meetup in the diary and create a Facebook event to spice up your social life and escape the daily monotony. Or if you feel spontaneous, invite your closest friends over tonight.

if you struggle with houses, health spas offer a great setting to meet for girlie pamper nights.

Make memories. Call or message your girlfriends now to arrange a girls night in to remember.

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Book a male stripper for your Girls Night In

pizza delivery male stripper
Pizza delivery guy come hot male stripper hunk knocking on your door, for girls wanting to spice up their girls night in or predrinks before a girls night out. Guaranteed hysterical laughter and excitement to start the night.

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