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Male Stripper Jokes with Scripts & Role-play Ideas for Parties

How to write a male stripper script for maximum laughter at a birthday or hen party

Lifelike, unsuspecting relatable theme roleplays work best for female audiences hiring surprise male strippers for parties. It's known that female audiences are also receptive to storytelling and comedic dialogue with playful, satirical humour that poke fun at their friend's vices. This may explain the popularity of Drag Queens for hen parties. The best male stripper scripts are a careful blend of originality, fantasy and realism.

Each male stripper script subject matter is tackled with a characterized theme which may include the reprisal of popular movie characters such as Magic Mike or deadpan lifelike personas like a policeman or even postman. Bouncing ideas with friends privy to inside-jokes can be conducted using vignettes - especially amongst friends who know the birthday victim best, including their guilty pleasures and vices. Funny or embarrassing moments from your friend's past can be intertwined and edited into a male stripper joke role play in preparation before the party.

Inspiration may be drawn from mockumentaries or favourite TV show's of the birthday 'victim' where one or two satirical lines can be cherry picked for parody. A punchy, simple short intro is sometimes all that is needed where a male stripper can then ad lib thereafter, adapting and collating the best male stripper jokes that work well from previous strip shows in neighbouring party scenarios. New jokes around recent events add topicality and relevance to a male stripper role play; for example sexual innuendos from a hunky doctor male stripper like prescribing "vitamin D" to correct any deficiencies from Coronavirus quarantine. Then asking "what vitamin D were you thinking girls?".

The context in which a male stripper's jokes are delivered often amplifies the comedic impact, for example bowling into a completely unexpected place suddenly like interrupting a Zoom hen party with friends or landmark birthday party in a garden. The best male strippers are skilled in the art of having fun with their audiences without going too far, and spend time honing a humorous script in collaboration with the hirer.

Male stripper joke ideas & scripts for embarrassment comedy

Policeman male stripper intro script's

"It has been reported to us that a birthday girl has been breaking Covid lockdown rules. We've heard you visit Tesco and Starbucks in North London more than necessary with a blatant disregard for other people's health just to buy mini eggs and Cappuccino. I am here to place you under arrest, various charges include being too sexy and looking underage even though I hear you're turning 30 today birthday girl."

"We heard the birthday girl has been doing more than one exercise per day during lockdown. You're under arrest for breaking Covid guidelines. Just because you are a teacher doesn’t mean you can break the rules or be naughty outside class on your birthday young lady. I’m now going to teach you a lesson. That’s the end of your jogging in Hampstead Heath."

"We've had reports of a female stalker matching your description from Channing Tatum at his male strip shows. How often have you visited Magic Mike live London in the last year?"

"We've had complaints of noise and underage drinking at a birthday party. Is everyone here over the age of 18? Can we see some ID's please?"

Zoom hen party interruptions

"This is the Zoom internet police. This looks like an illegal Zoom hen party taking place. We're here to reinforce the rule of no more than six girls per Zoom party to stop the spread of the internet Coronavirus. Zoom hen parties are at particular risk."

"This is the Zoom frontline support team, just checking in to test the quality of the call. We would also like to offer a complimentary Zoom platinum package upgrade which includes... a live male strip show for hen parties. Would you like that girls?" On completion of the strip show: "would you like the bigger package?".

Unsuspecting party friend

Friend of friend joins birthday party in plain clothes - nobody suspects he is a male stripper. He joins the conversation organically without arousing suspicion in the group. Then casually throws in a curveball by saying "It's getting really hot in here girls. Might have to take my shirt off since the heat in this room is quite overbearing. Does anyone object to that?" Queue music - for example diet coke break hunk music.

Office birthday party interview

Male stripper in plain clothes attends a sedate office birthday party during work hours under the guise of a job interview. Birthday girl joins meeting without any idea. After some convincing method acting, the hunky stripper eventually breaks character and unexpectedly blurts out "It's really hot in this interview room, is it OK if i unbutton my shirt girls?" Queue cliche stripper song for example Pony by Genuine.


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