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Hen Don't Party Stripper

Pivotting plans to cheer up the bride is a good strategy"

Similar to a divorce party, hen don't parties serve the purpose of cheering up a bride to be during a critical and emotional time but before the wedding date, if her wedding gets cancelled.

There could be many unforeseen 'black swan' circumstances why a wedding doesn't follow through as planned. It could be an amicable agreement from both bride n' groom, up to more complex situations if the bride-to-be had a blazing argument with the groom as pre-wedding anxiety builds. A rogue partner may have done something dishonest just before the wedding causing fear, doubt and hurt in the significant other's mind which haults wedding plans.

If the groom has betrayed a bride-to-be at a stag party or dark secrets have come to light, the wedding may get stalled or called into question. In extreme and rare cases where the wedding has been cancelled, hens and bridesmaids who already had plans to unite may go ahead with their original hen party plans anyway, albeit celebrating under different terms with a reigned in, more casual party.

Pivotting party plans to cheer up the bride and celebrate her dodging the wrong guy is a backup strategy if expenses have already been layed out for a hen party. Salvaging local activities is preferrable to cancelling everything, even if the bride's mood may be low, she may benefit from girls rallying around her to quash negative emotions and create a dignified exit from a car crash wedding.

Various nuances of letting-go ceremonies are growing in popularity.

If the groom cheated on her repeatedly, the bride may feel the compulsion to get revenge by booking a male stripper hire on a hen dont party without caring if the groom finds out. The bride not to be may even get carried away with her new-found freedom at a hen dont party booking multiple male strippers for hire to help get over it - one for each of the grooms sins.

Elaborate hen party plans may be so far down the runway that it's impractical and hugely inconvenient and expensive to cancel arrangements - deepening heart ache for the bride to be. So make sure those who are supportive rather than judgemental are invited to a hen dont party. Wild and funny friends may be the preferred choice to distract a hurt bride.

A fun hen don't party game to play with your male stripper is to have a piñata with the ex husband’s face on it.

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