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How do male strippers differ to female strippers

Recent research into male and female strippers, go-go clubs, strip-o-grams and private hen nights reveals the role of male strippers differs significantly from female strippers. The psychology of stripping differs for straight female audiences compared to straight male audiences in many ways. The general principle is that female audiences are turned on by story, and emotional stimulation hence why Stripper.co.uk put a lot of time and resources into their show's storylines to make make the woman feel special. Male strippers make up less than a third of the stripper community.

The general tendency is that female strippers offer a sexual fantasy to male clients, whereas male strippers sell fun, laughter and entertainment to large groups of ladies on a fun night out. It also helps female bonding and connectedness. The participation of each girl is less about enjoyment for the individual and more about fun for the whole group. Women who frequent male strip clubs are purported to enjoy the fantasy of being desired and humour aspects. Embracing the humour side also makes it more liberating and easier for them to express themselves. Unlike male patrons, women are less interested in objectifying male strippers per se.

During interactions male strippers also do not engage with the same emotional investment as female strippers who might feign feelings of intimacy and emotional connection towards customers in order to gain tips.

The male stripper's act itself is less about vulnerability than that of a female stripper, with more expression of masculinity, dominance and physical prowess in his routine. Male stripper's understand that female audiences generally prefer the humour, excitement and fantasy elements rather than the actual nudity per se.

Male strippers are more likely to enter the occupation for economic as well as other deeper personal motivations. Male strippers explain their participation in stripping stems from wider, deeper motives including the adrenaline rush, adulation, atmosphere, personal fulfilment and outlet for expression/ showing off their fit athletic bodies. They feel more positive about exotic dancing compared to female strippers, and believe they receive more societal support than their female counterparts.

Female strippers tend to have more emotional labour outside the world of stripping, managing their profession's influence on relationships, self-image/ self-preservation and how they manage their reputation for the future. Understandable with evidence demonstrating female strippers are less likely than males to receive community support for dancing as their main profession. Many female exotic dancers do treat it as their main source of income compared to male strippers who do not depend on it as their main or only career. Many of which have flexible jobs in parallel such as personal fitness instructor during the daytime.

Strangely there are very few strip club venues 'dedicated' to male strippers in England where men perform for women, compared to the US where there are many. The closest alternative is male strip show stage performances that tour cities such as London, Birmingham, Bristol, Brighton and Bournemouth set in large theatres and concert halls such as Magic Mike live, mostly frequented by hen parties. Or male strippergrams who visit private party venues, public clubs and bars.

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