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Magic Mike's Last Dance Review (Magic Mike 3)

Channing Tatum's performance in "Magic Mike" received acclaim not only for his dance moves but also for the depth he brought to his character. Each of the Magic Mike male stripper films explore female adulation, struggling artists and money from different angles.
Magic Mike's Last Dance (Magic Mike 3) has a unique twist set in London.

The first movie 'Magic Mike' directed by Steven Soderbergh focused on the theme of gig work and the challenges faced by entertainers in a precarious labour market. The movie depicted the story of a male stripper named Magic Mike (Channing Tatum) trying to gain dignity and autonomy in an industry typically portrayed as exploitative, especially rife in strip clubs with female strippers. The East London Strippers Collective discuss this topic extensively. Magic Mike 'XXL' the boisterous sequel to 'Magic Mike' then focused more on the idea of pleasure, fulfillment and camaraderie that comes from performing as a male stripper in a troupe, alongside themes of proactively selling oneself and satisfying large female audiences. Scenes on stage like whipping off tearaway pants symbolized it's lighter comedic tone.

Magic Mike's 'Last Dance' is a movie that now deeply explores one relationship between artist and an out of the ordinary patron. It goes beyond empty sexual and economic transactions portrayed in the previous two movies. This movie uncovers more complex, serious emotional themes involving a platonic connection between artist and customer and the impact a symbiotic relationship has on both individual's daily lives.

magic mikes last dance

Mike who shows no signs of middle age evolves into a different kind of female fantasy in this last dance installment. He gave up his plans in the artisan furniture business and no longer works as a stripper, instead chose a simpler life as a laid back bartender for parties, yet still leaves him struggling to pay bills. When a woman recognises Mike from his male stripper days at a lavish charity party, Maxandra or Max (played by Salma Hayek) a separated wealthy socialite hires mike for a private show. She generously negotiates an offer of 6000 USD to receive a lap dance from Mike back at her mansion. The sensual lap dance which includes a dry-humping scene spiced up by Max's sexual ascertiveness is already becoming a dominant point of movie discussion. After sleeping together, things quickly escalate romantically, to the point Mike receives an invite from Max to London to help organise what was originally a dreary, vanilla theatre show. Her offer cannily includes a refusal of further lovemaking to prevent him feeling objectified. He quickly gets whisked into her previously lonely life in London, away from his old struggling one in Florida. Channing himself describes it as a "duck out of water" story.

magic mikes last dance lap dance

Impresario Max develops higher aspirations for her show after being influenced by Mike's male stripping days during their courtship. Mike is assigned the task to spice up directing an all-male stage show at the London theater she owns, which is filmed at the famous Clapham Grand in London. The story which includes auditioning and hiring male strippers in London , break-dancers and street performers builds up to a spectacular final stage production. Apparently the choreography (by Alison Faulk) is largely influenced by real life Magic Mike live shows, as performed to this day in London's Piccadily West End. Very resourceful of Channing. Sadly much of the film is confined to an indoor setting, for example the stagecraft and Max’s apartment that there's little sense of immersion in London as an exciting fresh city Mike can conquer.

magic mikes last dance london

The film explores the couple's creative leadership as the romance blossoms which give it an original twist. With both characters going through life struggles including Max's ugly divorce and Mike's career crises, this dynamic seems to draw the character's closer. The cliche female romance interest that casts judgement and disapproval of their lover's stripping career is refreshingly thrown out the window for this movie. Romantic and tender moments are given more artistic focus, detail and time in magic mike's last dance compared to the other magic mike movies, or any other male stripping movies. The cleverly stretched out lap dance scene exemplifies this.

Common criticisms seem to be that raw male stripping was artistically stifled and restricted to appease more mainstream viewers, in other words not steamy enough and no willies. Upsetting for a hunk hungry British audience, possibly done because America prefer tamer male 'revue' shows without full nudity (who also prefer to use a more politically correct term 'male dancers' instead of strippers in everyday discussion). Nor were there enough choreographed dance scenes with Mike according to critics, laying blame to Mike's character moving on from exotic dancing. The London show they produce however heats up when Tatum takes to the stage once last time with ballerina Kylie Shea on a rain-soaked stage - hence the movie's name: Magic Mike's last dance. Continuity was also questionable given the lack of screentime for veteran characters from previous magic mike's. Mike's old strip troupe, the original cast were constrained to a meagre Zoom call which may upset Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello and Matthew McConaughey fans, their character name's Big Dick Richie, Tito, Tarzan and Ken. In summary the artistic focus was heavy on the making of a musical, clearly inspired by Tatum’s recent experiences producing Magic Mike live. Director Soderbergh (who also directed Ocean's Eleven) was also inspired by the Live London show at the Hippodrome to make the movie.

The opening lap dance scene seemed to afterwards prematurely cut important emotional and physical elements out that could justify Max spending 6000 USD on a lap dance on a whim. The living room lap dance merely jumps to an anticlimactic morning after scene, perhaps again out of fear offending mainstream. Given it had a love story focus, the amorous scenes will likely never become iconic and timeless like those in 9½ Weeks' starring Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke.

Other notable scenes with signature quotes include when Mike tutors his new troupe how to “keep the connection” with a female on stage. Also in a restaurant scene where Max tells Mike their male dance show should reflect “a woman can have whatever she wants, whenever she wants” which feminists should enjoy.

magic mikes last dance dancing in rain scene

The soundtrack integral to the first movie's success seems to lack comparable impact with no one song standing out as a dance inducing crowd pleaser. However female audiences will probably never grow bored of the original and timeless classic stripper song: Pony by Genuine. A surefire hen and bachelorette party favourite to this day.

How would male strippergrams be affected by magic mike's last dance movie?

The movie Magic Mike last dance may have a positive effect on hiring male strippers for parties in summer 2023, especially if the magic mike theme is available. The first movie's main theme song Pony became a global sensation and helped popularize the idea of police male strippers for hen parties. Mainstream audiences became more accepting of male strippers after magic mike helped make them cool and charming. It gave an insight into their personalities which was disarming. Obviously more people are likely to talk about hiring male strippers after the movie's release. Magic Mike's last dance is also a great advert for Magic Mike Live in London featuring the most polished choreography you can find from male strippers.

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