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Stripper To Your House

Hiring a hot stripper to your house is becoming an evergrowing, easy and convenient core party piece for girl's nights in during winter months. With toughening licencing laws on entertainment in public establishments, the looming Brexit crises in 2019 and uncertainty in the economy, more people are opting to keep celebrations simple and cost efficient indoors at the house.

Having a cheap, fixed price outcall stripper visit your house can save a huge amount of money on alternative entertainment which usually involves going on an expensive night out in town. A stripper that comes to your house can eliminate spiralling entertainment costs of being in town all night and any uncertainty with budgets. Expensive drinks tabs, eating out and taxi's are hard to predict and quickly add up in cities like London. £50 for one person to go out in London is often seen as the bare minimum for a good night out with friends. For an equally entertaining experience, people needn't spend more than £10 each for a male stripper party to keep everyone amused and happy at a house party - big or small.

Saving time and energy being another deciding factor to hold a local house party with strippergram in tow, instead of out all night spending. In central London, what should be a 5 minute journey can easily turn into a 1 hour journey making planning, preparation and logisitics a nightmare especially for a girl's night out, bar crawl for a hen night or birthday party. A simple girl's night in with a male stripper at the house can save hours of logistics and multiply enjoyment. In a house party people can be more relaxed, carefree and let their guard down.

Ideal for any shy girl archetype, staying inside for a house party puts shy girl's at ease, and in control of their own space without worrying about the public seeing them red faced near male strippers.

Pre-party or after party celebrations are popular times when hiring a male stripper for a house visit. Whether you're having a few drinks daytime at the house before heading into town or arriving back late at night to another after party; strippers get booked up for both situations and work on call for both scenarios until very late. The major benefit of keeping celebrations in a house is typically no closing time to worry about.

Sometimes parties can disband into separate groups, especially on hen nights - the mature members or those with responsibities call it a night, while younger, wilder members splinter off for a late night house party with male stripper to perfectly round off the night. Same applies for birthdays.

Small apartment and house party stripper

No headcount is too small for an improvised, spare of the minute male stripper house party or apartment party. Male stripper dance routines can easily be adapted for limited spaces including rooms in small apartments, even limousines and party buses crammed with people. Many house parties are housemates or students in London sharing accomodation with limited room available. Sometimes if a party is improvised very last minute or with very few people attending, it's about making the best of what is available at the time, even if it means using the kitchen as a dancefloor. Strippers are adept and no stranger to job descriptions of this nature, and can still put on a fantastic show for you.

Hired Airbnb with upset Airbnb landlord male stripper

Hen, stag and birthday's on either city breaks or countryside weekend retreats very often hire airbnb accomodation suitable for party groups. A common request is for a male stripper to impersonate an airbnb landlord who is upset with the noise or mistreatment of their property. A well acted out landlord roleplay often gets an elated, comedic reaction from the audience once they know his real intention is to entertain the lucky victim with a perfectly timed striptease.

Hired countryside mansion party

Mansion parties are most often hen party groups enjoying a relaxing or wild hen weekend away in the Spring/ Summer. Being far away from family, husbands and boyfriends provides the ideal setting for a no holds barred wild party environment - including male strippers and butlers in the buff. There is often a swimming pool and garden with ample space for male strippers to demonstrate their acrobatic talents. In mansions, girl's that are prone to outrageous behaviour have no worries, especially about noise or judgemental onlookers. Typically in areas like Oxfordshire and Kent where there are high concentrations of palatial airbnb rentals for hen parties.

Pool parties tend to create a utopian atmosphere for parties to go all out on entertainment and have as much fun as physically possible.

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