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A-Z List of Parties for Strippers

Other party ideas besides the typical hen party and birthday

There are endless reasons to throw a party with a stripper.

  1. Life Events: This category includes birthdays, graduations, engagements, weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, retirements, housewarmings and more.

  2. Holidays and Cultural Celebrations: These vary greatly by country and culture but include occasions like New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, St. Patrick's Day.

  3. Achievements and Milestones: These can include promotions, new jobs, passing an important exam, completing a major project, winning a championship, reaching a personal goal...

  4. Theme Parties: These can be thrown just for fun and include costume parties, game nights, movie nights, wine tastings, murder mystery parties, 1980s parties, and more.

  5. Public Events and Festivals: You could throw a party to celebrate or coincide with other events like music festivals.

  6. Farewell and Welcome Parties: These can be for people who are moving away, returning home, starting a new job or just visiting.

  7. Charitable Events: Fundraising parties for a cause or charity can be another reason to gather and celebrate.

  8. Just Because: Sometimes people throw parties just to bring friends and family together, no special occasion needed.

  9. Professional Events: Launch parties, team building events networking events and award ceremonies.

  10. Promotion Parties: These might be to promote a product, service, brand or idea.


Ann Summers party
Anniversary party
Baby shower
Beach party
Block party
Boozy brunch party
Bottomless brunch party
Bridal shower
Care home party
Cast party
Charity party
Cheer up party
Christmas party
Cocktail reception
Costume or fancy dress party
College party
Couple celebration
Dances and balls
Dinner party
Divorce party
Easter party
Engagement party
Farewell party
Fundraising party
Galentines party
Garden party
Gay birthday party
Gay stag party
Girl's night in
Girl's night out
Gender reveal party
Going away party
Graduation party
Guy Fawkes Night
Halloween party
Hen party
Hen Don't party
Holiday-maker party
House warming party
Hotel party
Joint birthday party
Joint hen party
Karaoke party
Ladies day
Ladies night
Life drawing party
Lingerie party
Mature birthday party
Midweek soirees
Milestone birthdays
New Years Eve party
Office party
Opening party
Pamper party
Party bus party
Pool party
Pre-party / pre-drinks
Promotion party
Pyjama party
Retirement party
Reunion party
Singles party
Slumber party
Sports team party
Stag Party
Sten party
Surprise party
Tea party
Theme party
University party
Valentines party
Wedding reception
Welcome party
Work party
Zoom party



The party scene is constantly evolving, with new and exciting ways to celebrate special occasions. One trend that has recently emerged is the integration of male strippers into various types of small house parties on a tight budget. From after-parties to anniversary celebrations, male strippers are adding a unique, cost effective and thrilling element to all kinds of niched and novel party formats.

One of the most popular settings for male strippers is the after-party. After a night out on the town, a group of friends may choose to continue the celebration with a private performance by a stripper back at their house, airbnb or hotel.

Male strippers are also commonly found at anniversary parties, particularly for couples who want to add a little spice to their milestone celebrations.

Bridal showers are renowned for male stripper performances. As the bride-to-be and her friends gather to celebrate an upcoming wedding, a male stripper can add an unexpected and exciting element to the party.

Care home parties and cast parties are also starting to incorporate male stripper performances. For care home residents, a male stripper performance can provide a fun and engaging way to break up the monotony of daily life.

Ann Summers, a UK-based lingerie and sex toy retailer, has also started offering male stripper parties as a way for women to celebrate bachelorette parties and other special occasions.

Beach parties and block parties are also popular settings for male stripper performances, as the relaxed and festive atmosphere provides the perfect backdrop for a performance.

Male strippers also make appearances at Christmas parties, Cocktail receptions, Costume or fancy dress parties, Dances and balls, Dinner parties, Divorce parties, Farewell parties, Fundraising parties, Galentines, Garden parties, gender reveal parties, Graduation parties, Guy Fawkes Night, Halloween, House warming parties, Ladies days, Mature birthday parties, Milestone birthdays, New Years Eve, Opening parties, Pool parties, Pre-parties, Singles parties, Slumber parties, Soirées, Surprise parties, Tea parties, Wedding receptions and Welcome parties.

While male stripper performances may not be suitable for every type of party, they can add a unique and exciting element to a wide range of celebrations. As the party scene continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how male strippers continue to play a role in various types of parties.




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